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Should Grants Fund EA Projects Retrospectively?

[very quick technical-ish thoughts on a necessary condition] I would guess funding retrospectively today is only useful if you think you're going to increase funding in the future. 

The purpose of funding is to enable people to complete projects -- more people are willing to do a project with more funding, and only really rare, super-duper value-aligned people will do a project with very little funding. 

Retrospectively funding people that are already doing the project ignores they've already signaled they're the type that is happy to do the projec... (read more)

I would love to understand this comment (I'm very interested in retrospective funding ideas), but I don't currently. Could you perhaps go back a few inferential steps or link to relevant posts?
Getting money out of politics and into charity

I was thinking about this problem a lot at the beginning of the summer, and I caught myself smiling a ton while reading this at the deja vu! I think this question of moral trade on political goods is fascinating, and I definitely agree with the premise: that spending in politics is much higher than is socially optimal because there is an ‘arms race’ element to political fundraising. Few thoughts:

  • I think the question of political identity verification (i.e., the non-political altruist is happy to lie, pretend like they’re Democrat, and
... (read more)
EA Uni Group Forecasting Tournament!

FEAT (Forecasting EA Tournament)

EA Uni Group Forecasting Tournament!

There are two names that we're in between for the tournament. Please upvote the name that you like more.

FEAT (Forecasting EA Tournament)

The Delphi Tournament