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Litigator with 10+ years experience here - completely agree with Tyler and not from knee jerk legal conservativism. I've seen talking to the press go very, very wrong personally. There's a reason keeping quiet is the near universal advice from experts. 

Thanks Rachel. If anyone else reading this has any more data on this point I'd be very interested. I'm helping with the first EA for Jews intro fellowship and we're thinking about how to assess its impact.  If 90-98% of people who do an intro fellowship never engage with EA again afterwards that seems quite strong grounds for rethinking whether we (as a community) should invest in intro fellowships as much as we seem to. And/or if we should experiment much more on different types of intros to see if there is greater impact.

But only 2-10% of students who start an intro fellowship end up engaging with EA afterwards;


Do you have a source for this? Thank you!

On Facebook, the Effective Altruism group has 21,800 members, whereas the three main religiously-inclined EA groups that I could find (Christians and Effective Altruism, Buddhists in Effective Altruism, Spirituality and Effective Altruism) only have 1,700 members in total

There's also EA for Jews. Here's the facebook group :) 

Thought provoking essay, thanks Geoffrey!

A related idea is to incorporate EA ideas into existing religious institutions.  I'm involved in such a project.

Have you ever used Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) for speed reading?  Depending on the content I can get close to 900 wpm!   An example online is:

I use the chrome plugin swift reader

You could pick the name based on the "what3words" location description. For instance:

In the portion discussing considerations by career path I would add:

When deciding which schools to apply to and more so when deciding which school to attend, consider the clinics, journals, centers, and other opportunities that are relevant for a topic area of interest to you.  Participating in these extracurriculars is a good way to learn about an area, signal to employers to have an interest in an area, and develop mentors and connections in the field.   There are significant differences in otherwise similar schools in this regard .

Excellent post! 

If anyone reading this is in law school or about to start and you would like my advice about how to succeed there  (including my unconventional strategy for law school exams) DM me and I can share a document I have written and shared with other EAs. 

I highly recommend the Founder's Pledge Climate and Lifestyle report.* Take a look specifically at Figure 5 and you will see that donating a small amount to one of their highly effective charities dwarfs the emissions from a single flight like the one you're proposing here.  

Zooming out a bit, in my opinion these kinds of decisions shouldn't about guilt (see replacing guilt series) but rather about taking the action that on net is best for others. In that framework working and donating to an effective charity that combats climate change--one of the world's most pressing problems--is likely better than wasting days in a less efficient form of transit and not making such a donation.

*A caveat not relevant here is  I think their approach in the report to the impacts of having a child are mistaken but otherwise its a great report. 

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