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EA for Jews - Proposal and Request for Comment

Yes! I have actually created a facebook group and will go public with a post on this forum and elsewhere soon.  The reason I haven't shared it thus far is we are still deciding on a name for the organization as a whole--there's been quite a bit of discussion as to whether "EA for Jews"; "Jews for EA"; "EA and Judaism" etc is best.   I'll post an update on the forum shortly, likely this week.  

EA for Jews - Proposal and Request for Comment

Thanks @Weatequince! I'd love to chat more about this idea -- send me a message here or fill out the form with your contact info and we can discuss.

EA for Jews - Proposal and Request for Comment

Thanks Josh!  I completely agree. I've been in touch with the founder of Jewish Effective Giving and my plan at this point is to make the EA for Jews (or whatever the name we decide on is) a much broader site, not duplicative of the Jewish Effective Giving site. We would however plan to partner with Jewish Effective Giving in the sense that we would direct folks who are interested in speaking to their (reform) synagogues about effective giving to the Jewish Effective Giving folks.  

The EA Forum Podcast is up and running

Thanks for starting this project!  I'm not an audio engineer but I am a musician with a lot of audio editing experience (and relevant software), and I've got a few ideas to share about how  to make the sound quality better on these.  Send me a message if you're interested in chatting. I could potentially also help out with audio editing directly though my schedule is a bit full at the moment. 

The EA Forum Podcast is up and running

On mobile but not for some reason on the web version there is a "more platforms" button that gives you an RSS feed that should work on any player:

How do you track your donations?

Sorry, I was unclear! GWWC's list of members who have taken the pledge is public but yes the dashboard is (as far as I can tell) just for you to record donations privately.  

What are some skills useful for EA that one could learn in ~6 months?

A few "soft" or somewhat meta suggestions:

Shelly Kagan - readings for Ethics and the Future seminar (spring 2021)

Thanks for sharing!  This could be added to this great post compiling EA Syllabi and Teaching Materials; I've suggested this in a comment there. 

EA syllabi and teaching materials

Thanks for this resource!  @velutvulpes just posted one that you may want to add: Ethics and the Future seminar at Yale

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