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Most successful EA elevator pitches?

I don't have an answer for you, but I hope and expect the EA Market Testing Team will come up with some good suggestions! 

However - my intuition is there isn't one "best" elevator pitch because the persuasiveness will depend on the context and the person giving and receiving the pitch.  So the value of a generic elevator pitch might be less than you think.  

For instance, if EA coms up naturally in the context of charitable donations, I often talk about how excited I was when I learned about GiveWell, and how their research made me confident that there were  charities out there reliably and transparently saving children's lives and helping those in extreme poverty. Through that starting point mention the two main parts of EA, (1) the project of   of doing research and finding evidence about how to best help others (2) a community of people committed to acting on that evidence to help others as much as possible with our given resources.  In contrast, if EA comes up in the context of animal welfare issues I sometimes talk about the Good Food Institute and how excited I am for the prospect of plant or cell based meat as a way to help animals in a more sustainable way than convincing the world to eat less animal products. 

To generalize from those examples, and to echo the advice from Giving What We Can's excellent guide to talking about EA, I think generally we can have success introducing EA by talking about things that personally excite you about it and providing concrete examples.   

Things I recommend you buy and use.

The website Labdoor tests supplements for quality and recommends several b12 brands. I don't recall which one I ended up purchasing, I think the NatureNow? (I remove the pills from the container so I can store them more easily) 

EA for voting rights?

A related recommendation is the excellent 80k podcast with Mike Berkowitz which is about preserving liberal democracy in the US, so it is broader than just voting rights but includes useful information and recommendations on that front.   

What holiday songs, stories, etc. do you associate with effective altruism?

Also this video details the process he used to make the song with DeepMind's Jukebox. 

What holiday songs, stories, etc. do you associate with effective altruism?

This isn't really what you're going for but I find this Christmas song that was generated using AI to be quite funny.  

Announcing my retirement

Just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of appreciation for your work Aaron.  I have an RSS feed of the forum and read at least the title of just about every post and it is really valuable for me.  Great work and best of luck in your next endeavors! 

EA for Jews: Launch and Call for Volunteers

Thanks Gordon!  I think an pan-interfaith group would be great! I'd love to compare notes and hear more about what your group is up to.  

EA for Jews - Proposal and Request for Comment

Update: EA for Jews has launched! Here is the forum post with details. To learn more visit, and if you'd like to get involved please fill out this quick form.  Thanks all! 

EA for Jews - Proposal and Request for Comment

Yes! I have actually created a facebook group and will go public with a post on this forum and elsewhere soon.  The reason I haven't shared it thus far is we are still deciding on a name for the organization as a whole--there's been quite a bit of discussion as to whether "EA for Jews"; "Jews for EA"; "EA and Judaism" etc is best.   I'll post an update on the forum shortly, likely this week.  

EA for Jews - Proposal and Request for Comment

Thanks @Weatequince! I'd love to chat more about this idea -- send me a message here or fill out the form with your contact info and we can discuss.

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