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Seems impossible to find any EA meetups in SF

Weird, the link ( works for me.  Maybe Link Tree was down for a spell? Anyway this is a link tree for Washington DC but it sounds like you're in SF. If you are back in DC feel free to DM me and I'll make sure you get squared away!

Seems impossible to find any EA meetups in SF

In the first sentence I think you mean SF?

I just moved to SF from DC and I did a bunch of google searches to find EA meetups in DC SF, and I found nothing whatsoever.

If you are actually looking for meetups in DC there are plenty including one tonight :) More info about this month's events here :) {edited to add the link is] 

EARadio Returns - Suggest Episodes and Shoutouts

I don't know the time it takes or the direct tradeoffs but it seems possible that sharing EA content over an audio medium could be higher impact that other forms of community building, as the reach of a podcast is potentially worldwide.  Really depends on the empirics.  I am a podcast superuser though so I'm aware that I'm atypical and just because I'd like to listen while i do the dishes rather than read that isn't universal!

EARadio Returns - Suggest Episodes and Shoutouts

If you're open to adding more content, I would consider reading, say, the most upvoted forum post each month (or even each week if the reaction is positive and you have the time).  The EA Forum Podcast is, as far as I know, inactive these days. And nonlinear is doing text to speech but it isn't as good, imo. 

EARadio Returns - Suggest Episodes and Shoutouts

Thanks for reviving this!  I have rarely gotten around to watching youtube videos of EAG content, but I have listened to most episodes of this podcast :)  To directly answer you question, I would suggest adding audio from all the publicly posted youtube videos from recent EAGs (e.g., these), as soon as they are available ( unless there was bad audio quality or some other circumstance that would make it not work in an audio format). 

I also think that this would benefit from starting each episode with a short bit of music and a voiceover describing what the podcast is, as well as  a very brief "set up" for what the episode will cover.  I would be happy to compose some intro music for it, I have done so for other podcasts and projects including some EA ones like the EA Forum Podcast and Happier World youtube videos.  Send me a DM if you want to talk more and thanks again!

Should we call them something other than retreats?

Strong agree with the connotation of retreat being associated with leisure/opulence and that this is an optics issue. I think this is hard to answer in the abstract and the event should probably just pick a name that corresponds to what is happening. E.g., AI governance learning weekend; EA [City] community gathering weekend; etc

What would you like to see in an EA merch store?

Interesting, it wasn't that one but that's a similar idea. I think this one I saw was more abstract -- like this one is focused on specific cause areas but I think the one I saw had stuff about evidence and reason and doing the most good. 

The team at EA for Jews is growing — apply now or refer others!

Hi Yitz! Our long term plan -- a very high level -- is to (1) do outreach to Jewish communities and spread EA ideas to those communities, and (2) to build a community of Jews involved in EA.  We currently have a number of projects in the works including EA fellowships and materials aimed at different Jewish audiences (including different denominations as well as demographics such as for b'nai mitzvah age Jews).  I'll send you a DM with more info and my calendly if you'd like to learn more!  

What would you like to see in an EA merch store?

I kind of would like to see an EA version of one of these type of yard signs that are very popular where I live. I think I saw someone propose this but I forget where, doesn't seem like it was on the forum.  If you decide to do this you should probably have a forum post or contest or something to pick the exact language.  

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