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Promoting EA in Russia: Barriers and opportunities

Hi! Not sure if you'll see my response, but in case you do: join #effective_altruism in LW Russia Slack and let's discuss strategies.

We're not sure at the moment about the best strategy. Social network activity would probably be good if you have a wide network of friends and you write well, or would be close to useless if you just routinely repost each VK group post to a few friends.

Promoting EA in Russia: Barriers and opportunities

I haven't seen this 80,000 Hours post, thanks. Seems like you're right and we've overemphasized earning-to-give in our activities so far.

Promoting EA in Russia: Barriers and opportunities

I don't think "going to the people" would be a wise idea at this moment. EA at its core is much more fit for intelligentsia than for peasants (going by Narodniks termonology), and we need this core to stay strong, in my opinion.

Also, I am the leader of the Moscow LessWrong community, actually. I'm assuming you meant Yuliy? If so, he still maintains the website and a public page on, but he disengaged from the community and LW meetups a few years ago.

Oh, I didn't mean "going to the people" as an activity, but a cultural tradition of valuing the masses. Namely, get to that part of the intelligentsia that values such activities, and show that EA is actually a great way to achieve their goal of valuing human beings in the most effective way possible (and later perhaps expand to other sentient beings). Ah, didn't know about Yuliy's disengagement. Thanks for updating me about that.
Promoting EA in Russia: Barriers and opportunities

I'm not really sure. It might be because of Soviet Union cultural influence, the whole "let's build the future ourselves which will be significantly different from our current reality" idea. And also there was a Russian cosmism movement which still has some followers, even though it currently looks more like an art movement than anything substantial.

It might also be because a few people managed to start KrioRus (cryonics company) and Russian Transhumanist Movement 10-15 years ago.

Of course, these two reasons are not mutually exclusive.

Promoting EA in Russia: Barriers and opportunities

Checking in: I'm Slava and I'd be glad to answer any further questions. Jason, thanks for writing this post!

Transhumanism seems to have a decently large Russian presence. Any ideas why that might be?
Accomplishments Open Thread - May 2016

I started the Moscow EA group in February. We had five meetups so far, one every 3 weeks. Our attendance is 5-10 people, with 4-5 people attending on the regular basis.

We're meeting at the local rationality space Kocherga (the website is in Russian only), which me and my cofounder started back in September 2015. There's a lot happening there besides EA, such as popular science lectures, LessWrong meetups, rationality dojos, etc. It's pay-per-time-spent and can be classified as a social entrepreneurship (not a non-profit, among other reasons, because NGOs a... (read more)

This is very exciting, congrats on getting the Moscow EA group off the ground and running! I've spent time living in Moscow, and actually researched the Physics Day holiday :-) I can well imagine how many young people there can get behind EA. Please keep us updated about what happens with the group. Are you in touch with the Local Effective Altruist Network? They can provide various resources and support.