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If there are any alignment researchers reading this who think they would benefit from having someone to talk to about improving their research capacity, I’m happy to be that person.

I’m offering free debugging-style conversations about improving research capacity to any alignment researchers who want them. Here’s my calendly link if you’d like to grab time on my calendar: https://calendly.com/dcjones15/60min .

I’m not claiming to have any answers or ready made solutions. I primarily add value by asking questions to elicit your own thoughts and help you come up with your own improvement plans that address your specific needs.  A number of researchers have told me these conversations are productive for them, so the same may be true for you.

Is this program completely done / finished now?

As in, are regrantors no longer able to make grants?

Is it appropriate for people seeking funding to seek out regrantors in order to submit proposals to them? 

Given that you aren't willing to publish the list of regrantors, this makes me suspect the answer is "no".