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Nice to meet you :)

26 y/o from FL/CH living in DE 
volunteer at Co-Living & Co-Working place run by

I had the opportunity to gain experience in a lot of different roles over the years. So if you’re up for a chat, we’ll most likely find something we have in common. You can check my LinkedIn for ideas. ☺️ Reach out here or book via Calendly:

How others can help me

  • networking with other EA groups, organizations & individuals 
  • learn about new EA projects and the EA landscape in general 
  • exchange strategies on Community Building & Management 
  • information about incubation programs, funding and grant making 
  • explore open roles or gain connections for new opportunities
  • give or receive honest feedback and constructive criticism

How I can help others

Feel free to ask me anything about my current projects and previous work. I'm not an expert in any of these, but happy to share my personal experiences. ☺️ 

Examples: Operations, IT Project & Product Management, Community Building & Management, General Support, Philanthropic Software Development, Earn To Give With Cryptocurrency, Co-Living & Co-Working, Volunteer Opportunities, Refugee Hosting, User Experience Design Feedback, Quality Assurance, Game Design, Social Media Content Creation, Livestream Fundraisers etc


More than a year later and this is still a great post, thank you! :)

There Are No Walls. Short post about how to see how many options you truly have.

I especially liked this article. :) The link in your post didn‘t work for me, but this one did:

Fund people to go to the new alignment research center/group house in Vermont, where rents are extremely low.


Just wanted to chime in here to make sure people are aware that there are many more group houses and Co-Living projects out there. From my knowledge, several of them still have quite some free spots or are lesser known. 

Examples of the top of my head (who specialize in AI/longtermism/research) are Aurea in Berlin (Germany) and CEEALAR in Blackpool (UK). But I wouldn't be surprised most are cause-agnostic, so if the main concern is cost-efficient living (which contributes to low-cost research), reaching out to any would be an option. :) 

So while the concept isn't new, maybe it could be beneficial to make people more aware that these options exist. Especially now as people affected by current situation  might need more financial and communal support.

Here is an example post about them:

The Search Page doesn't seem to show results for basic questions. Some examples:

Not sure if this is an search indexing issue, or perhaps the actual "questions" user would put in the search field, aren't part of the posts answering them. This could maybe be solved by adding a new post - which basically explains the same as other informational posts (e.g. forum manual), but with a Q&A style, so search will index it.


For reference, there are some other new user navigation suggestion in this post.

Thanks for your reply and the link. I wasn't aware of that thread before and added a comment there now. Hope you'll have success with the hiring process. :)

Thank you for your response, looking forward to upcoming improvements. :)

I wasn't aware what was previously prioritized and what not yet. Since I got encouraged to post, I thought giving newbie feedback might be more useful and easier to start with. :P 
It seems like the common issue is that I can't find answers to basic questions via the search page. So I'll add that in your feature suggestion thread. :)

This was a great write up, interesting topic, informational and easy to follow.

One question I had is if below were the only words you were looking for in a CV and why so. For example, you did not list "Lead", which I'd think is frequently used for engineering roles.
I'm assuming either these were just examples (so not a complete list), or applicants only used these 2 terms?

Did any previous role include the word “senior” in its title? 
Did any previous role include the word “manager” in its title?

I'm only rarely on the LW forum (mainly reading via email summaries), so I don't know what LW's target audience or approach to new users is.

From the impression I got during various EA activities, theEA forum is meant to be a welcoming place for new users who are encouraged to interact. This doesn't necessarily mean making full standalone posts, but can include creating question-posts or shortforms. The issue I've described applies to all post types.

Note that with new users I mainly mean users new to the forum, not necessarily new to EA. Having good knowledge of EA principles doesn't include forum-navigation skills.

I understand you prefer new users to comment, and I agree that commenting is something that is easier to find. As a new user basic actions I picked up quickly were: viewing posts, voting, commenting, searching, opening my profile, using the sidebar. None of these actions included finding the forum manual and learning how or when to create posts.

So even after having lurked for a few weeks (so being within your "create-post target audience"), these things weren't clear to me. There is no guide between creating comments and creating posts.

So aside from changing the general UI, what do you think about the other proposed suggestions?

Happy to read suggestions are welcome. :) Giving positive feedback (even if one disagrees with the content) is appreciated, since it encourages me (probably other users too) to continue interacting. Something I'd love to see more.

Question about your last pointer:

So is the chat in the bottom right corner for getting in touch with the technical forum team? Or chatting with anybody from the EA community?

From the chat interface itself and your last pointer that isn't fully clear to me. When pressing "Send a message", there is no previous chat history, so it doesn't seem like and ongoing community chat.

When typing a message there I wouldn't be sure at the moment, whether I would get a response via email or come back to the chat tomorrow. And if I come back tomorrow, whether my question will be hidden due to other people chatting after me.

I don't fully understand how it works so I am not able to give suggestions. But if the Forum Team values new users understanding this chat (over e.g. creating a post), then perhaps my questions can be seen as a first-user-impression and hence possible feedback.

Thank you. I'm quite surprised the forum user manual didn't show up as a result when searching for it. Even now if i search for "what is shortform" directly, I find my own post here, but not the manual.

I vaguely understood what shortform posts are now, and edited my post according to that. Please let me know if I misunderstood it.

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