Charlie Jeong

Co-founder @ Clear Solutions
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Co-founder of Clear Solutions, a non-profit focused on preventing the deaths of young children from diarrhoea, a leading cause of death globally. Clear Solutions operates in Nigeria to improve the use of oral rehydration solution (ORS) and zinc, a low-cost and highly effective treatment for diarrhoea.

Incubated by Charity Entrepreneurship in Sep 2023. Trained in medicine and public health.


Hi Ian, thank you for your comment!

Thank you for your suggestions on the social desirability front. Do you have specific resources you could suggest regarding this? We have tried incorporating some of your points such as packet counting in the pilot but are always looking for other methods like you listed.

We unfortunately did not have an in-depth view of the ANRiN program during our pilot implementation. However, we have since gotten in touch and are aiming to understand some of your questions retrospectively if possible. Going forward, it is likely that the overlap will not be of major concern as this is the final year of funding for ANRiN. However, we will aim to monitor this status as well.

Regardless, your point on the treatment location bias is an important consideration that we have not paid as much attention to at the pilot stage. Instead, we focused more on quickly learning the operational feasibility and were not as meticulous in treatment location selection beyond having diverse rurality representation. We will certainly pay more attention to this as we plan for the next phase.