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Open Thread #39

Hey guys, I'm working on a project called Innovations in Fundraising, in partnership with the Centre for Effective Altruism and the University of Exeter, UK. We're currently developing a wiki, in which we're collating useful resource for charities, fundraisers, donors, researchers, employers, and the third sector to use to make their fundraising and giving more effective.

At the moment, we're looking for stories from people who have/have attempted to organise a fundraiser at their place of work for an effective charity, or those who have pushed for the donations from a fundraiser they didn't organise to go to an effective charity.

If you think you've got a relevant anecdote or two, please reply to me here, drop me a message, or comment here on the wiki directly. below are some questions it'd be good if you could answer:

  1. Have you tried to organise a fundraiser at your company? How successful was it?

  2. What barriers have you come up against and (how) have you been able to overcome these?

  3. How did you get your colleagues and in particular your superiors on board?

  4. Who really makes decisions at your workplace about fundraising, partnering with charities, and employee giving benefits and schemes?

  5. Have you tried to convince them to choose a different charity? How did you make this argument and how was it received?

  6. How does your firm choose the 'preferred charity'?

  7. How have you connected and networked with people trying to achieve similar goals?

Thanks everyone! :)