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I work at the intersection of Blockchain and Effective Altruism

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How I can help others

I can consult or partner with you on crypto-related effective altruism projects.


Thanks a lot for the offer, although we have already done some of the preliminary code and design drafts but I will take a look at alignment.wiki and see if it flows with what we have in mind.

Thank you for the warm welcome, I'm glad to be here. And thank you for the suggestions.

Before I make my case for why I think this project is necessary (despite the existence of the EA Forum Question Feature),  let me state that some of my points are not meant to belittle the work of the EA forum minders and the entire community. 

I believe that EA Forum is very useful and great at fulfilling a number of purposes, but there are certain use cases where it falls short. In such cases, I believe a dedicated Question and Answer (Q and A) website would be better/more effective and will complement the EA Forum to yield greater efficiency.


Now, here are some reasons why a standalone Q and A website for the EA Community is necessary (I have some years experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and growing/managing online communities and my experience has shaped some of the points below):


1. EA Forum is Not Newbie - Friendly

Generally, EA seems to have a problem of not being very newbie friendly (see this thread where the issue was discussed to get a better appreciation of the matter).

By newbie I mean people who are totally new to EA (from diverse cultural, language and educational backgrounds). 

My experience: I am currently trying to start a local EA group and I have had interactions with a number of people who have never heard about EA but have shown interest in learning more and becoming a part of the community. Initially, I would direct them to EA Forum if they asked me a question I couldn't answer, but the feedback I kept getting from them was that the "ambience" and "vibe" given off by the discussions in EA Forum makes it feel like "a place for intellectuals and very smart people".

Many newbies seem to be too intimidated or too scared to ask questions in the EA Forum because they are afraid of "sounding dumb" in the midst of all the scholarly articles and genius-level discussions taking place.

Unfortunately this same "vibe" is common to many EA online groups and communities.

There doesn't seem to be a generally accepted and recognized place where "non-genius" EAs are not scared but comfortable (even encouraged) to ask apparently "dumb" questions or "silly" questions. Such a place seems to be in demand based on feedback from the newbies I have talked to and from comments I have repeatedly come across in various place online, even here on EA Forum.

This standalone Q and A website will be a less intimidating complement to the EA forum Question feature and would provide a space where EAs especially newbies will not hesitate to ask any questions they might have without fear of "sounding dumb".

Some Newbies will ask questions that you never expect so this will enrich and diversify the conversations and better expose the community leaders to the thought processes and needs of these newbies and the community at large.

This will improve the onboarding (and retention) of new community members and help to keep the community strong.


2. To Counter Misleading Narratives about EA (via improved Search Engine Visibility)

Google is by far the largest search engine and most people seeking information online use it.

EA has had / continues to have a lot of bad press from critics and opponents. This is made worse by search results being filled with mostly negative posts regarding EA.

A google search of EA related phrases frequently turns up a plethora of negative and often downright misleading information about EA. 

This seriously hurts the image of the community and can be a turn off for people who are thinking of joining and are doing research to learn more about effective altruism.

From my Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experience, Google appears to prioritize Q and A - type websites for searches that are phrased as questions thereby ranking them higher in the results.

There are also other factors that will favor a dedicated Q and A site in the search rankings therefore by ranking top for most of these common questions, the EA Community will be able to "influence the narrative" and counter this negative image. 

(Results from EA forum also show up frequently but in many cases they are drowned in a sea of negative results.)

Still on EA's image:

The EA forum appears (or seems to appear) to be a place meant for people already part of the community. People outside the EA community typically don't post here. In many (most?) cases, such questions may end up on "non-EA-friendly" websites where they might receive a lot of negativity without any strong pro-EA voice to counterbalance the conversation. Having a Q and A website that encourages anybody (EAs and non-EAs) to ask questions will provide a great place to capture some of these questions (that would have gone to other websites) and counter or clarify false and negative narratives about EA.


3. Data and Statistics

For example: What are the most common question newbies in EA have? What are the most frequent challenges EAs generally face, what about those living in a particular country? Being able to provide answers to such questions will help to improve the onboarding process and get new members informed and aligned with the goals and ideals of the EA community. 

This type of data cannot (readily) be obtained from the EA Question system but can easily be obtained with this Q and A website.

This data can also be used to improve EA community building and management processes and procedures for better efficiency. 

The Q and A site can be used as an additional feedback mechanism to gauge the effectiveness of various EA procedures/policies/initiatives/etc by monitoring the types of questions being asked.


4. A (Very) Useful Resource for Community Leaders

This will be a really useful resource for many  community leaders trying to onboard new EAs. It will make their jobs easier and save them time because they don't need to repeatedly answer common "dumb" questions from newbies, they can just point them to the Q and A website and EA Forum so that they can ask their question wherever they feel most comfortable asking. This will save community leaders time that can then be used for other important things. Also community leaders will not have to go through my experience described earlier where newbies complained that they were sacred of posting in EA forum.


Budget Overview

TOTAL: $21,000 

This budget is meant to cover web hosting costs, software licenses and software services subscriptions and remuneration for the development (dev) team. The project will require hiring one full time developer and one part time developer to make up the dev team.

Breakdown (figures rounded to the nearest hundred):

  • Web hosting + security, CDN etc for two years: $2,900
  • Software/SAAS licenses/subscriptions for three years: $2,200 
  • Full Time Dev Salary ($3,800 per month for three months)
  • Part Time Dev Salary ($1,500 per month for three months)


Milestones / Deliverables:

  • End of month one: User Interface prototype wireframes / user flow diagrams
  • End of month two: Demo Alpha version with few rudimentary features
  • End of month three: Complete production-ready Beta version hosted and ready for public Beta test

Beta will last for one month then final launch. 

Ongoing maintenance after the Beta will be handled by unpaid volunteers until we are able to hire a full time admin for the website. 


After the Launch, What Next?

If there happens to be any leftover funds it will be used to run online ads to get some traction for the website. But success of the project in the long term will require serious and continuous promotional, marketing and SEO campaigns.


Actually I am posting here for both reasons: To get feedback and to seek funding - I felt I could get it in front of more funders' eyeballs by posting here and maybe also some suggestions/criticism of the idea. Thank you for the EAIF suggestion,  I will look into it.

Where can one find a PDF download of this handbook? That would be helpful for those who cannot always be online.

Another idea from our EA Lab/Think-Tank:

IDEA: A self-sustaining Lending platform/organization that gives out very low interest, zero-collateral micro-loans to the poorest people in Sub-Saharan Africa and other developing countries globally.


Loans will range from $25 to $1000 and repayment durations will be from 1 month to 1 year

Loans are meant to be used by these poor people for things like:

  • Buying seeds and fertilizer during the planting season
  • Hiring seasonal labourers for their farms
  • Hiring artisans for their workshop
  • Buying goods to trade with in the market or in their shop
  • Buying tools for their workshops or artisanal vocations
  • Shop/store rent
  • Optional: There can also be special consideration for payment for the most critical health bills of the poorest people

Execution and Funding Requirement:

  • This will be a hybrid of a physical over-the-counter business with a handful of physical offices in different locations coupled with a global online platform where people can request for loans.
  • New borrowers will be vetted by partners in the field. New borrowers will get small loans at the onset and as they repay without default, they build up their credit rating which qualifies them for larger loans.
  • Funding Required: 500K USD

We will be happy to provide any more details on request. Any interested donor may DM me or for quicker response email me on effectivelabs@ng4n.com

Hi friends,

I am part of a newly-formed Lab/think-tank whose purpose is to come up with great EA ideas, source for funds for them and execute them. Here is one of the ideas we have that need funding:

IDEA: To Establish a Co-ordination Center/Regional Hub for EA activities and research to cover states in the Southern region of Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Potential Impacted Population

  • Nigeria has a total population of 200 Million+ with nearly 70% under 30 years of age and nearly half of the entire population living in poverty
  •  The Southern region of Nigeria (which is the coverage area of this project) contains about a third of Nigeria's population
  • It is home to more than 100 universities and tertiary institutions. And thousands of high schools and colleges


Relevance of the Project

This Project aligns with multiple areas of interest and suggested project ideas of Future Fund as listed on their website here ->  https://ftxfuturefund.org/projects/  and here -> https://ftxfuturefund.org/area-of-interest/

With this single project, we can kill numerous birds with one stone (figuratively speaking, of course!) which is a highly effective way to go.

Below is a list of some of the aims of this project:

  • To synergize with other EA communities and projects within the coverage area by acting as a liaison point or co-ordination/support hub.
  • To organize regular EA related events and meetups within the coverage area
  • To conduct EA relevant research and gather local data relevant to EA
  • Produce and distribute a quarterly publication on EA matters (hardcopy + online magazine)
  • Create regular multimedia content (video, blogs, podcasts) relating to EA in Nigeria, Africa and globally. Create youtube channels and social network communities to distribute this content
  • Produce a regular radio and TV program (in the local lingua franca) covering EA matters and broadcast on local TV and Radio stations in the coverage area. This will create massive awareness
  • To engage with government agencies and local politicians to push for EA friendly and AI related policies
  • Brainstorm and engage with relevant stakeholders and experts to domesticate EA ideologies tailoring them to the local norms and cultures of the coverage area
  • To produce and distribute EA content in the major local languages of Nigeria
  • To reach out to schools and universities within the coverage area and hold events to massively spread the word about EA and its core values
  • Establish EA Groups in schools in the area
  • Award mini-scholarships to exceptional students from poor areas.
  • Identify the best performing university students and encourage them with financial awards for excellence. Establish a virtual think tank comprising of these students, the purpose being to expose them deeper to EA and encourage them to study, perform research and create content in EA and AI - relevant fields where they could contribute to solving some of EA's challenges.
  • To work with local undiscovered talents from poor areas in the coverage area to produce EA themed short movies and content in English and local languages for distribution online and airing on TV


Execution and Funding

This will require major actions like setting up a main office and some smaller outposts, registering a legal non-profit entity, obtaining operational licenses,  hiring permanent staff (up to 10), purchasing equipment and vehicles amongst others.

Estimated funding required: 250K - 300K USD

We will be happy to provide any more details on request. Any interested donor may DM me or for quicker response email me on effectivelabs@ng4n.com 

A Decentralized Peer to Peer Donation/UBI Platform


- Everything controlled automatically by smart contracts on the blockchain

- Donors donate crypto funds into a central treasury wallet on the blockchain

- A "smart contract" automatically distributes a percentage from this treasury direct to the wallets of verified recipients one-time or periodically (maybe weekly?)

- Recipients could be people in dire need, have medical bills or unable to fend for themselves.

- A limit could be placed on how long recipients are to keep receiving the payments (or whether one-time)

- Donors have a dashboard where they can monitor funds in the treasury and the payments made to recipients.

- All payments will be made using a green cryprocurrency and climate-friendly blockchain

- A fee can be taken from donations to cover platform maintenance.

- OPTIONAL: A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to manage the project. People who hold a specific minimum amount of tokens will be able to make proposals and vote on issues concerning the project.

Funding Required: $39,000 > Time to delivery: 3 months

I'm also very much interested in this topic though I've not done any formal research and haven't come accross any specific writing on the subject in the EA communities, but there are a handful of AI related projects in the crypto world that may be doing something like this, one of the most notable is Fetch.ai (which is more or less a blockchain with AI capabilities) which uses the chainlink oracle to obtain real-world economic data that is used by it's AI algorithm to effect AI-driven processes on their blockchain. More about this here.

Hi everyone!

I am a budding product designer for blockchain/web 3.0 projects who just recently discovered the Effective Altruism community.

Having done some work with Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), it has become clear to me that they could become a vital part of EA of the future because they can enhance transparency and governance of effective altruism communities and projects.

They can also help to scale projects and fundraising campaigns.

As a member here I hope to contribute content which aims to educate community members who are new to cryptocurrency and blockchain and also expand upon my thoughts on how blockchain technology can make EA even more effective and why we must pay attention to DAOs and Web3.

I'm also accepting crypto donations and pledges to support my work 🙏

Really wish I could be at this event but I live on the other side of the world LOL. 

I'm a Christian new to working on blockchain/web3 solutions relating to Effective Altruism, specifically the use of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) to enhance transparency, co-ordination, participation and governance in EA projects. I just started working with a project where we are creating many such DAOs to tackle various challenges using effective altruism principles.

Would have loved the support or feedback I could get from this meetup.

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