I'm a data scientist in Denver, Colorado. I'm interested in EA, but also literature, mindfulness, and technology. Checkout out my substack: orbistertius.substack.com.


Hello everyone, my name is Dawson.

I'm a data scientist in Denver, Colorado. I got into EA a few years ago after hearing about it on Sam Harris's podcast. Thinking about earning to give and the length my dollar could go for others was extremely influential and continues to be fulfilling for me.

I would love to start participating in the conversation. I just launched a Substack--it's a bit idiosyncratic and not strictly about EA, but I think my inaugural post would be interesting to a lot of people here. Would love to hear any criticism or discussion so I can get smarter about this stuff.


(What's the policy on self-promotion here? Is it okay to link my own works in these threads or in posts?)