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Bad Omens in Current Community Building

I've been speaking to a number of people in university organizing groups who have been aware of these issues, and almost across the board the major issue they feel is that it seems too conflict-generating/bad/guilt-inducing to essentially tell their friends and peers in their or other universities something like "Hey, I think the thing you're doing is actually causing a lot of harm, actually."

I would be very in favor of helping find ways to facilitate better communication between these groups that specifically targets ways they can improve in non-blaming, pro-social and supportive ways.

Mental Health Navigator Progress Report

This is an enormously valuable project, thank you and the others so much for continuing to work on making sure it can meet the community's needs!

Off Road: support for EAs struggling at uni

Gavin covers the rest of it, so to talk about the "parts" thing; in this context I'm using it more as a semantic handle on what it means to have internal conflict, and not explicitly as an IFS thing. Psychotherapists have been talking about individuals as being made up of "parts" from the very beginning (Freud's Id, Ego, Superego) and  with all due respect to our mutual CFAR friend, if there's any other way to describe and interface with the experience of internal conflict as well, I have yet to hear it :) 

In other words, I've written "a signal f... (read more)

The thing about parts not being necessarily about IFS specifically should have occurred to me, thank you!
The Cost of Rejection

Agreed, more public figures of people who found something meaningful and impactful that wasn't what they initially thought they would/should work on would help with that :)

The Cost of Rejection

This is great to hear and an interesting read, thank you for sharing!

The Cost of Rejection

Ah, yeah that wasn't intended as my meaning. Will edit :)

The Cost of Rejection

Hey, thanks for the comment! Just to clarify because I may be too sleep deprived to track what you're saying... I originally read that as proportional by percent but not by absolute numbers, right?  

So if roughly 900 new people per year are considered engaged enough to count as part of the community, ~20% of that and ~20% of 650 would still leave a growing number of people in the community working EA jobs, and even ~30% or ~40% increase in jobs would still leave a growing absolute number of people in the community not working EA jobs.

(Again, not to say that this is bad necessarily, and as you noted there's also people who were funded by grants or doing research or similar)

Yes, my figures were proportional rather than absolute. I was mainly responding to: This sounds like a proportional claim to me. My take is they're growing at the same or faster pace as the overall EA population. It's true that if they both grow the same proportionally, the absolute number of people not able to get jobs will grow. It's less obvious to me something is 'going wrong' if they both grow at the same rate, though it's true that the bigger the community, the more important it is to think about culture.
The Cost of Rejection

Yeah, this seems a hard problem to do well and safely from an organizational standpoint. I'm very sympathetic to the idea that it is an onerous cost on the organization's side; what I'm uncertain about is whether it ends up being more beneficial to the community on net.

What's something that every EA community builder should have thought about?

It's been an ongoing discussion at SPARC and ESPR to try to decide how much or how little exposure to EA (as opposed to "EA ideas") we want to make explicit during the camps. So far the answer has been mostly "fairly little," and of course we do focus quite a lot on frank conversations about the ups and downsides. But it's definitely difficult to pass down wisdom rather than just knowledge, and some of the questions have no genuine or easy answer. Thinking on this is certainly something that keeps me up at night every so often.

What novels, poetry, comics have EA themes, plots or characters?

There's a subreddit called /r/rational which discusses and shares "rational" and "rationalist" fiction. Many of these include EA themes, both explicitly and implicitly. 

Some I'd recommend along with the ones others here have already shared include Worth the Candle, an original fiction about a teenager who gets transported into a fantasy world of his own creation and has to overcome personal challenges like grief and societal ones like complex coordination problems, Animorphs: The Reckoning, a fanfic that re-imagines the alien-body-snatchers stor... (read more)