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Executive Director at Cambridge Effective Altruism CIC, a meta EA org that supports EA and EA-aligned activities in Cambridge and around the world.

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Three intuitions about EA: responsibility, scale, self-improvement

Great post, thanks for writing it! 

I'm really excited for more people in the EA community to ask questions like "what would the world look like if we've solved X problem? How can we make that world a reality? What team do we need to build to achieve this goal over a decade-long time horizon?" as opposed to focusing predominantly on what's best to do given a certain set of resources or capabilities one currently has, doing independent projects, and doing projects for short periods of time.

Free-spending EA might be a big problem for optics and epistemics

Why do you think it's less important for the x-risk/longtermism parts of the EA movement to have good PR and epistemics?

We need more nuance regarding funding gaps

Accessibility point (relevant for all Forum posts): 

I have deuteranopia (a common form of red-green colour-blindness), and can't really see the different colours in your "limited to very strong" graphs, which makes evaluating them a bit harder and more cognitive effort (I basically have to rely entirely on the text). It's also quite distracting to have what looks to me like subtly different shades of the same colour. 

~5% of the population have some form of colour-blindness (~1/12 men, ~1/200 women). I would really appreciate if the colours could please be selected from a colour palette like this one :) Thanks! 

Listen to more EA content with The Nonlinear Library

Thanks for this, I've found this very helpful for consuming more EA Forum content. Are there ways to only have EA Forum posts on our podcast provider's "subscriber" feed, as opposed to LW and AF posts too? Eg I find that if I have a lot of podcast episodes in my podcast feed, I am less likely to listen to any of them, as it's harder to find the podcasts that I really want to listen to. 


I suspect this could look like different podcast "feed"/profile with only EA Forum posts (and maybe similarly for AF and LW posts, eg they could have their own feed/profile with only podcast episodes for posts on those platforms). 

AGI Safety Fundamentals curriculum and application

Airtable (free plan) doesn't allow the sending of confirmation emails. I've now updated the plan to the pro plan, and will send out confirmation emails to all those who have already applied. 

AGI Safety Fundamentals curriculum and application

The programme is by default virtual, we've made this clearer in the application form

A Biosecurity and Biorisk Reading+ List

Thank you for this! We've been considering starting up some kind of "intro to biosecurity" reading group at our local EA group and these are really excellent resources for us, and is likely to save us many hours of work trawlling through the literature. 

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