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[Creative Writing Contest] The Screams of Hell

Maybe I'm not smart enough, but I don't get it.

1Czynski4dOn which level? There's two intended morals here - one is the analogy to global poverty and open borders; the wonderful world is the West and Hell is the Third World. The other is the explicit one in the last sentence: what problems in the world are you missing, simply because they don't affect your life and are therefore easy to overlook? And particularly the point that it doesn't take anything special to notice - just someone without preconceptions who sees it and then refuses to look away. The particular choice of analogy is inspired by Unsong.
Can human extinction due to AI be justified as good?

Human extinction due to AI = human self-destruction, assuming we are talking about an AI initially created by humans (not from some alien source).

If the assumption above is correct, then human self-destruction at the hands of an AI is better than most forms of human self-desrruction (imo), for at least the knowledge we generated during our short time here might be carried forward by the AI we created.

1Samuel Shadrach4dValid but I'm suggesting an even stronger claim - that self-destruction is better than no destruction, rather than just other forms of self destruction :)
Is Democracy a Fad?

I really like your point about automation changing the balance of power between elites and workers, potentially eliminating the threat of strike or revolt.