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"The Bobiverse" series is lighthearted and generally techno-optimistic, but does portray this in a way that seems accurate to me.

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Not a book but a website (only some recipes are veg*n or low meat):

I absolutely misread that same Wikipedia article. My bad.

As for the annuities, while they could have been sold, some may have still been held by the decedents of the slave holders. 

Slave owners were also compensated in the USA. There were other reasons (cultural, political, economic) that legalized slavery lasted longer in the USA than it did in Britain.

Additionally, the UK didn't borrow from random people - they allowed slave owners to convert the payments into annuities. The UK could have decided to stop paying these annuities at any point.

Providing huge amounts of the worlds stockpiles of ammuntions and goods to tge eastern front.


US military budget is $800 bn/year. The US has sent about $47 billion of military aid in the form of arms and equipment to Ukraine. It is not accurate to suggest that the west has in any way depleted our military resources by helping Ukraine.

You seem surprised that Ukraine is continuing to fight off Russia. I'd point to three factors that explain this in my mind:

  1. Defense is easier than offense
  2. Russia has made strategic blunders
  3. Military aid to Ukraine has been significant

I get that newer practices fall under the meaning of eugenics in Greek. But still, wouldn't it be better to use a word that isn't associated with the racist type of eugenics?

Is the idea to fully confront the arguments/controversies that come up over the "eugenic implications" of newer reproductive technologies?

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