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Love seems like a high priority

I think there are problems with the study that article is based on, as outlined here:

"The problem? That finding is the result of a grievous misunderstanding on Dolan’s part of how the American Time Use Survey works. The people conducting the survey didn’t ask married people how happy they were, shoo their spouses out of the room, and then ask again. Dolan had misinterpreted one of the categories in the survey, “spouse absent,&... (read more)

5Khorton2yTotally reasonable, thanks for pointing it out. Given that Dolan was repeating in his article the Sociology 101 claim that married women have shorter lives, I'd expect him to also reference those studies. (I have seen some controversy about this online, with some people now saying married and single women have similar lifespans with only divorcees having shorter lives, but I'm not yet convinced.) EDIT: I've done bit more reading and now think married women do have better health than unmarried, or at least the effects are ambiguous - although it's hard to tell which direction the causality goes.