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Where are you donating in 2021, and why?
Answer by FGHDec 30, 20214

With our main donation in 2021, my partner and I supported the Future Matters Project (FMP), who are working on understanding and strengthening social movements, currently focused on climate change. I think of social movement research and work as a very valuable diversification of the "classical effective altruist" portfolio, and thus took up the opportunity to bridge a funding gap between two other grants. 

I interacted with the FMP founder a bunch during and after making the grant, which seems to have added value for them (by asking questions, h... (read more)

I used to think the same, but after reading [] and [] I don't think most (if any) of the money goes to things donors care about. It would be great if there was a way to fund editing Wikipedia, with a focus on increasing the quality of important articles. But looking at the comments here [] , it sadly seems currently not feasible.
Cultured meat: A comparison of techno-economic analyses

Hi all, adding a (refreshingly appreciative and rational!) update from the people who made the first cultivated meat burger in 2013, for reference :

I skimmed it and didn't learn anything new, and my best guess is that reading that post would be anti-informative in the sense of giving people a worse Brier score if they were asked relevant questions about cultured meat. Can you illustrate parts of it that you think are unusually rational/informative? (Note that this is an honest question, as I skimmed it very quickly)
Considerations and advice on entering management consulting

Thanks for putting this together! A few additional points and highlights that may be especially relevant to people with Science backgrounds, based on my experience

  • If one of your key reasons for going into consulting is skill building, be deliberate about what you learn. Articulate your reflections on the bigger picture around your projects, seriously focus when defining your learning goals, make re-usable templates for yourself, and refine all of the above regularly. It's easy to forget this in the hustle of a 60-hour week, so set yourself a reminder.
  • MBB a
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Animal-free proteins: A bright outlook and a to-do list (BCG report)

my pleasure :)

In this case, it was a client project with Blue Horizon, so for a while it actually was my job to work on this report. That said, within three years at BCG, this is the first time I work on something so closely EA-related. I am putting in quite a bit of "flex time" now that the report is published and I am staffed on a different topic, to position myself for more work in this space.

I was hired as a generalist consultant after my biotech PhD, so I usually do a lot of pharma work, and some cases in other sectors. I made my way into this project... (read more)