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Nonprofit organization dedicated to using open source technology to promote the principles of effective altruism | https://fuguefoundation.org


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Thanks, I cross posted it in this forum as well several months ago, though the subject was not particularly well received. When ETH gas fees drop a bit in the coming months (due to various network upgrades) we may set up some bounties to essentially pay people (in stable coins) that successfully complete the quest (i.e., proving they read/understood the intro to EA article).



New campaign featuring the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

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New campaign started featuring the top and standout charities as selected by Animal Charity Evaluators.

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Thank you for your feedback. The Fugue Foundation is the nonprofit I run, which is dedicated to using open source technology to promote/further the principles of effective altruism. I have updated the bio for the profile to reflect this. Small but growing, we were fortunate enough to present at the EA Globalx Unconference this year.

Thank you for your helpful feedback, much appreciated.

Would you please give me an example within this article of what you are referring to, and how that format might translate to down votes (i.e., punitive action) as opposed to someone simply taking no action?

Thank you for your interest (and your upvote, lol). I wrote the article in such a way as to explain terminology I thought to be unfamiliar to people in this forum. IMO, downvotes should be for things that are off topic (i.e., not EA related) but I've found when dealing with blockchain tech/cryptocurrency there are those that dismiss it outright without a second thought. No way to tell for sure, I digress.

The goal was simple. I wanted to make a Quest on the Gitcoin platform, which is like a quiz game, and I wanted to choose a topic that was unrelated to blockchain (there are many Quests you can play, most are tech related). So, sort of merge awareness of two disparate communities, EA and blockchain. There are five questions posed about EA as derived from the article I linked above (the intro to EA article from effectivealtruism.org, again, the irony with the down votes). The easiest way to understand it is to just play, but you do need a GitHub account to sign in. The part about Metamask is optional, it's only if you want to receive the ERC721 NFT token if you pass the Quest, which is a type of digital collectible stored on a blockchain.

As far as I can tell with metrics, this post has not resulted in any increase in plays of the Quest, but it's early days. Give it a go and post any thoughts/feedback. Cheers!

Why is this post being downvoted? We created a game that uses novel technology to teach people about effective altruism using the introduction article from this very site. It brings together two disparate groups of people (EA and blockchain community) to better understand one another, and it is 100% free. Confused, and a little disappointed.

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