George Rosenfeld

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Chief of Staff @ EV UK

Previously, I did my undergrad at Cambridge, where I founded Raise, an EA-aligned student movement in 7 UK universities which raised £400k for AMF. I also co-founded EA for Jews in 2021. 


Welcome to the team, Rob – we’re really excited to have you step into the role, and looking forward to getting started over the next few weeks!

Howie – I suspect you’d rather I don’t write anything, but it feels wrong not to thank you for everything you’ve given to this role and to the organisation over the past year. So I hope you’ll forgive a short (and perhaps biased) message of appreciation. 

Over the past year, you have taken EV UK through one of the most challenging periods of its history with extraordinary dedication and leadership. I don’t think there are many people who would have taken on a role like yours in the days after FTX collapsed, and fewer still who could have done the job you did. 

Throughout this time, I have continually been impressed with your intellect, inspired by your integrity, and in awe of your unceasing commitment to doing good. And I know for a fact that I’m not the only one. 

It’s been a privilege to support you for the past year and I’m delighted that you’ll now have a chance to take a proper break, before throwing yourself into the next challenge. 

Thank you for everything.