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2015 EA Survey: please take!

I cannot WAIT for the results. Doing now :D Thanks!!

Making Effective Altruism more emotionally appealing

I very much welcome the opening of this discussion.

Many utilitarian EAs simultaneously claim that EA is "compatible" with most other forms of ethical thinking while also continuing to make their arguments very narrowly consequentialist.

I genuinely believe that most EA actions are actually required of people who subscribe to other ethical systems, and I try my best to adapt my language to the person I'm trying to convince based on what they care about.

One example: many left-leaning students talk a lot about "privilege". I tell them tha... (read more)

0Gleb_T6yOh, I like that framing! Nice way of getting across to the audience that you are speaking to.
We care about WALYs not QALYs

Thanks for the post.

It might be worth saying even when making clear that QALYs aren't the only things that EAs care about that even welfare maximisation doesn't have no be the only thing EAs care about; this might vary based on one's conception to EA, but given the movement at least currently accommodates for non-utilitarians (and I hope it continues to do so!) we don't want to fall into a WALY-maximisation trap any more than a QALY-maximisation trap.

That is to say: this post tells us, "look, specifically in the realm of health, there does seem to b... (read more)

1Benjamin_Todd6yAgree - I mention that in brackets, and think it's also good to clarify if you have the opportunity.
EA's Image Problem

Interesting stuff!

I'd add to all this that I've experienced some EAs pitching the idea for the first time, and being actively amused at the idea that some people didn't immediately agree that an evidence-based approach was the best way for them to decide on their career.

I think we don't lose any of our critique of the way things are by appealing to the way people currently think. A concrete example: the "don't follow your passion" thing sounds unromantic to most; but if we talk a lot about "meaning", and how "making a difference&... (read more)

0Gleb_T6yI expanded on my ideas here: []