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Thanks Joel! And same to you—hope the research is going well

Thanks Ben! Yeah, I think we are often focusing more on the 1.1M we feel like we should have added to that, but definitely feels good to have had that impact still :)

Thanks Ben! Sometimes I think we tend to focus more on the extra 1.1M we were aiming for, but yeah we do feel good about the impact we did have :)

Thanks for posting this! I'm obviously biased (I work at Fish Welfare Initiative), but I think it's really important that people have a more intuitive understanding of the suffering these animals endure.

In addition to FWI, I wanted to highlight a few other organizations that people might be interested in looking into if they want to donate to help mitigate the horrors of this ongoing atrocity:

- Eurogroup for Animals
- Compassion in World Farming
- Aquatic Life Institute
- Equalia
- Animal Equality UK
- Albert Schweitzer Foundation
- Upstream Policies

Hey Nuño, thanks for doing this! This is interesting to see.

Fwiw, your placement of FWI in the ranking here broadly tracks with my own impressions of it, specifically that we're currently about an order of magnitude less effective than what I view as some of the currently most effective organizations. (This is of course something we're working to improve.)

You're very kind Andres. We're very grateful for what SWP does as well!

Seeing people take an idea from scratch and go out into the world to implement it is one of the things that inspires me most about many people in EA. Props to you all for having the audacity to do this, and more importantly props for building one of the most promising early-stage NGOs this community has created

I've enjoyed reading your work occasionally throughout the year—interesting stuff.

As a general point, posts like this push back against the seeming increasingly popular narrative that EA isn't funding constrained right now. Or more specifically, this post speaks to the fact that we can have a load of money but not be distributing it adequately to all the small non-profits (like SI) that could make good use of it.

Fish Welfare Initiative is now live on every.com! Thanks @WilliamKiely for making us aware of this opportunity.


Do the fund managers ever do fun things together?? :)

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