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Thank you very much for that. Very insightful and something I had never thought about. 

Out of curiosity, considering there is substantial evidence that the world is fundamentally getting better (I can provide sources if required, however the EA founders themselves acknowledge this), I may be able to do more potential good in the future if I save, but there also may be less people who need the help. It also provides a form of temptation, where I may be willing to take some of that money in the future. In some sense, it's using money less efficiently to spend now, but there is also more need for it, and it's more likely to actually do something good. Considering this, how much should I put in my savings, and how much should I give directly to charity?

Thank you



Thank you for the reply. I would personally disagree that there are not significant corruptions within top charities (look up the scandals in Oxfam and UN for examples, alongside the ones in Deaton's book), however even if the big names are not corrupt with a capital C, or at least not fundamentally corrupt, even just examples of how they are not as good as top charities would be awesome. This is supposed to help me give examples of why people should stop donating to relatively average charities (which is virtually all of the big names) and instead do the limited research to start giving to top charities instead. They are also useful debate points. I have my own, but I need more. 



Hello. I forgot to mention, my email address is notfranic@gmail.com. I am not brilliant at responding to forums, so if you really want to get in touch that is worth knowing. This is not my main email address, so I will still be slow, but probably faster than on this site. I am new to this, so I need to make sure that giving away my contacts isn't a remarkably stupid thing to do, so if things go well maybe I can give my main and this will be faster, but not yet.