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EA Should Spend Its “Funding Overhang” on Curing Infectious Diseases

I work at Open Philanthropy on cause prioritisation and on our science giving, and I agree with the direction of your conclusion here from a “Global Health and Wellbeing” point of view (i.e. rather than a longtermist POV), that funding particular infectious disease R&D could be as or more cost-effective at averting DALYs as GiveWell top charities. Indeed I’d expand what you’re saying from vaccines to other global health R&D - new therapeutics, new low cost diagnostics, new mosquito control tools, etc.

I’m not sure what level of investment that might... (read more)

How you can save expected lives for $0.20-$400 each and reduce X risk

This is a useful write-up, thank you for this and your previous posts on alternate foods.

Do you know which US government departments are working on food in catastrophes, if any? DHS? FEMA? USDA (e.g. I assume that in catastrophes government coordination on food is key - the closest parallel that comes to mind is rationing in the UK after WW2. I'd be interested if there's anything public to read about departments' budgets for things like this, or how they're thinking about it.

1Denkenberger4yGood question. We have spent some time trying to find the most appropriate parts of the US and UK governments. USDA looks at smaller disasters, as does FEMA/DHS. The Cold War Civil Defense Department turned into FEMA, but now FEMA does not consider conflict scenarios. DOD is a possibility. The UK foreign office put out a report [] on the ~80% likelihood of 10% global agricultural shortfalls this century. We have found very few people thinking about what to do if there were a 10% or 100% agricultural shortfall.
2017 AI Safety Literature Review and Charity Comparison

Chiming in with another thank you for putting in the time to do this - I found it helpful.

One data point on your idea for a year-round blog: I would find it interesting to read, though it wouldn't change my donations as much as targeted holiday giving posts like these, since I currently donate yearly.

My Donations for 2016

Thanks for this - I found this useful, especially the details on your process for making the decision(s).