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Why Charities Usually Don't Differ Astronomically in Expected Cost-Effectiveness

Thanks for posting this.

Just a quick note that it confused me a little to see the statement "And differences of 1030 are almost impossible" until I realised it is meant to be 10^30. It might be worth editing the post to make that clear. 

The method that can “prove” almost anything: A TED-Ed Lesson

Glad that you enjoyed it. 

You are right on both counts. This is quite an easy overview of meta-research if you want a starting point: https://journals.plos.org/plosbiology/article?id=10.1371/journal.pbio.2005468 

The method that can “prove” almost anything: A TED-Ed Lesson

I'd also be happy to have a look at anyone's ideas etc and have a decent idea (I think) of what TED-Ed might like. Just send me a message if I might be helpful. 

How students, groups, and community members can use funding

Do you have any example costs per time for campuspa.com? I couldn't see any on their website. 

What EA projects could grow to become megaprojects, eventually spending $100m per year?

Creating a new academic institute - the EA university - that houses a lot of EA research and (somehow) avoids the many issues seen in traditional academia. 

You can now apply to EA Funds anytime! (LTFF & EAIF only)

Thanks a lot, this is useful context. I work in academia so the large lead times are relevant, particularly because other 'traditional' funders would require applications well in advance. It would  be useful to know whether it was necessary to pursue those other funding routes as a 'career hedge' or not, for example, via a commitment to funding. 

I am interested to hear if anyone from LTFF agrees/disagrees with Max's assessment in these circumstances. 

You can now apply to EA Funds anytime! (LTFF & EAIF only)

Is it possible to apply for a grant when the date you would want the funds is quite far in advance (say, for example, one year)? 

Why scientific research is less effective in producing value than it could be: a mapping

A couple of other new publication models that might be worth looking at are  discussed here (Octopus and hypergraph, both of which are modular).  Also this recent article about 'publomics' might have interesting ideas.  Happy to talk about any of this if you are thinking about doing something in the space. 

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