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How we can make it easier to change your mind about cause areas

3) If you feel comfortable, make a habit of asking other EAs to explain how they picked their cause area, and invite them to try to convince you to change your mind, so they don't have to worry about being inappropriately aggressive towards people who don't want it.

I think I'm a bit averse to pushing this responsibility onto others ("convince me!") rather than putting in the effort myself to research/understand. But there is a lot of material out there related to each cause.

Rather than many-to-many requests (each person asking multiple others ... (read more)

Issa Rice has the Cause Prioritization Wiki [], but most of the pages are pretty empty. I imagine it could be highly valuable for many EAs to write up their reasoning about why they donate to the cause they do, and then publish these at some central location. I'm considering setting up a website to do this but I don't know if there would be sufficient interest.