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Introducing Animal Advocacy Africa

Hi Habryka, I'm happy to further clarify. Before our details were removed, this article stated they "plan to collaborate with existing international animal advocacy organisations...." including ProVeg Grants Program, however, there are no collaboration plans between ProVeg Grants Program and AAA, the article provided information about ProVeg Grants Program's 2021 plans that has not yet been publicly released, and we did not give permission for our information to be included in this proposal (additionally, the link was incorrect and our name was spelled incorrectly).  I hope this helps your understanding & I'm happy to answer any additional questions. 

As per our email discussion Jessika and to respond in this public forum. Thanks for bringing your concerns to our attention. All information related to AAA and ProVeg has been removed. Let me first start off by saying that our intention was in no way to provide false information. The forum post was created to let the EA community know our plans and the types of partners weintended to work with. While readying organisations in Africa for programs such as incubators and accelerators - which we referenced ProVeg. If this information was done in a way that you found misleading or if this information was not publicly available - I apologise and take full responsibility for it. We will ensure that we do not make this mistake in the future. Brett
Introducing Animal Advocacy Africa

Hello, I'd like to respectfully request information about the ProVeg Grants Program, our plans, and the incorrect link be removed from this article. The ProVeg Grants Program is not involved in this project and did not give authorization for our information to be used in this proposal or shared in this article. Thank you greatly.

I don't think I understand? This article doesn't seem to say anything that isn't publicly available about the ProVeg grants program, and doesn't seem to claim any affiliation with it.