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Jeff Ohl is an analyst at a major US bank. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan.



I participated in this last year, halfway through doing a predoc and right before applying to econ grad schools.

I really enjoyed the chance to meet a bunch of other kind, smart EAs. It also gave me a chance to learn about tons of areas of research that I wouldn't have otherwise.

We covered a lot of cutting-edge research ideas in GPR, which Phil did a great job of. Several of these were Phil's own work, and it was fascinating to see how Phil thought of these ideas. There were also a lot of guest speakers, who often authored studies in areas we were learning about that.

Phil was a great teacher of the basics, too! I went back to my ETGP notes when taking a graduate micro theory this semester. Phil also clearly spent a lot of time making the problem sets. They were a really helpful way to learn both the basics and the more specialized knowledge Phil taught.

I can't recommend this course enough for someone early in a research career, or considering doing a PhD in economics!

Great points. I wonder if building awareness of x-risk in the general public (i.e. outside EAs) could help increase tractability and make research papers on cooperation more likely to get put into practice.

I'm curious which ideas you're exploring too. I saw your post on the topic from last year. Reading some of the research linked there has been super helpful!

Thanks for linking these resources too. Looking forward to reading them.