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I agree with the last paragraph above, and want to point out that the funds, including LTFF, are still being marketed this way at GWWC:

1Day Sooner is looking for a Hep C Director to oversee efforts to establish a controlled human infection model (CHIM) to test a hepatitis C vaccine within the next two years.

Given the regulatory, ethical, and scientific complexity, we expect that in the absence of a very focused effort to accelerate the safe implementation of the model, it will take 2-4 years from now to complete the characterization study. Having someone capable whose job is to keep things moving forward could shave off a significant chunk of that time. If successful, this effort would have a major impact on global health: if accelerating the use of the Hep C challenge model by a year would buy 10% of a projected 2040 year of disease burden, that would equating to saving 1.8 million years of human life.

It is expected that most of this work can be performed from whatever location is most convenient, however, travel to locations such as Toronto, Washington DC and other collaborating sites may be required several times a year.

Medium-time lurker, first-time commenter (I think)! I'll be posting a piece tomorrow or Friday about whether Effective Altruists should sign Up for Oxford’s COVID challenge study. Hoping to start a lively discussion!