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How be productive before your baby turns one

I have a 4.5 year old and 2.5 year old.  On many dimensions it is easier now that they are a bit old.  We don't have to watch them as closely and they can play with each other (a bit).  If we are travelling or just need a break, they can watch TV (we try to keep it educational).   They are less fragile, so they can just eat what you're eating, it is easier to find a suitable babysitter and they don't need as many doctor's appointments, etc.  

But, other dimensions, they require a bigger time commitment.  The biggest one recentl... (read more)

More info on EA Global admissions

Thank you for organizing this event and providing this thoughtful post.

Have we considered offering to provide the information for folks that applied via the Bizzabo app or inviting rejected applicants to the dinners? Frankly, I'm less interested in the speakers which can be viewed later via YouTube, but in the past I have benefited from meeting attendees and sharing ideas and experiences with others in the community. In the past, this was either via the conference app or just meeting in person.

Another thought would be to accept folks for certain ... (read more)

Thanks for the suggestions. There are some community-organized events like meetups or parties in the days around the conference. Due to some past issues (e.g. someone sending every attendee a promotional message about their organization on the event app, or confusion about who is actually present at the event to meet with), we’re wary of expanding app access beyond the actual conference attendees. (See also Ellen’s comment here [] , which is a somewhat similar idea.)
How to use the Forum

Thanks for organizing this. There is a lot of great content here that I've found interesting and useful.

EA gifts for kids?

I don't have much to add here, but this is a great question and one I'd be interested in more thoughts on. "Children Just Like Me" looks like a good book. My daughter also likes a book called "Be Kind" that was given to us -- it is about kindness generally and not effective altruism specifically, but helpful. It would be great to collect a list of resources on this topic somewhere sometime.

Lawyering to Give

Jeff, thanks for sharing these articles and your thoughts on this.

Thanks for the thorough explanation and recommendations. What if someone is looking for financial advice unrelated to asset allocation (e.g., regarding how much they can donate and when, given their retirement savings and college savings)? Or, advice regarding insurance products or real estate decisions? Would you recommend a fee-only financial planner in that instance?

I haven't personally used a fee-only financial adviser but that's probably a reasonable way to do it. The Bogleheads wiki [] has lots of useful information.