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Things I Learned at the EA Student Summit

Thanks for writing, I really enjoyed reading this and it makes me feel happy that you found the EA Student Summit so valuable! :) 

EA Philippines' Strong Progress and Learnings in 2019

Thanks for sharing this write-up, I really enjoyed reading it! It sounds like you've made really solid progress for a new group, and seem focused on the right priorities, especially helping your members to learn more and become more engaged. You mentioned that there's a chance that you might decrease the amount of time you spend on community building in the future; I'm curious whether you have identified any successors who might take on some of your work? I've noticed that succession planning is plausibly one of the most important things group organisers can do, as it ensures the continuation of their group going forward.

Hi Katie, thanks for the feedback and question! We're definitely thinking about succession planning and finding additions to or replacements for our core team. But we have yet to identify clear candidates who would be willing and are a good fit to be community builders. We do have active members though, and we would like to see one of them expressing interest to be part of the core team. In the meantime, we can't really spend much time working on succession planning. We'll focus on it when we're more sure that we will move on to other paths instead of leading EA Philippines. We all still plan on being in the EA Philippines core team through the rest of 2020, and some of us are still willing to be in the core team for 2021 if we don't have successors. Anyway, our plan for 2020 is to be on the lookout for people willing to join our core team, and to guide or train them once we find one or more of them.
An update on plans for EAGx 2020

Manuel, I agree that a European-based EAGx should service the needs of unsuccessful applicants for EAG London, seeing as a number of attendees travel from elsewhere in Europe for the conference anyway.

Regarding your question about applications, EAGx conferences don't have an application process (to ensure that they are accessible to all). However, the last European EAGx conference sold out ahead of time, suggesting that we may want to consider at increasing capacity in 2020 or increasing the number of EAGx events in the region in the future.

Thanks for the info! Adjusting the EAGx capacity seems like a good solution (at least for Europe), let's keep this in mind when choosing a venue.
An update on plans for EAGx 2020

Yes, we do want to consider this for the future. For new EAGx locations in 2020, we have planned to prioritise locations that don't currently have access to either EAG or EAGx at all. That said, we'll certainly consider applications from excellent organising teams in any location!

I do think it would be less likely that we'd fund an EAGx in the Bay or London for 2020, compared to other locations right now, but applying now or getting in touch now may still be helpful as we consider future locations.