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Seven (more) learnings from LEEP

So happy to see all of this, there’s definitely a lot LEEP has learned and I’m very excited for your work! :)

Trading time in an EA relationship

highly appreciate this post! would you be open to me privately messaging you (to ask questions)?

Yes, very happy to respond to messages on this :)
EA Malaysia Report (August 2021 - January 2022)

I like the diagram :) Best wishes for the remainder of 2022, and finding a successor! Is there any way others in EA not from EA MY can help you?

2Declan Dally3mo
I also love this diagram and model for tracking progress. I will see about copying this for my EA group.
I like the Sankey diagram too - what did you use to make it Yi-Yang?
Possibly! Fingers crossed for that. :)
EA Creatives and Communicators Slack

Hey, I'm Kirsten, a student in Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines. I was directed to this post by evelynciara after I shared that I posted a song cover inspired by EA. Would love to join this Slack :) This is my email:

80,000 Hours wants to talk to more people than ever

Already have my first call scheduled. Very excited!

What holiday songs, stories, etc. do you associate with effective altruism?

Same here! I did a cover of this song last year, and it was inspired by EA.

Nice! I see that you're not on EA Creatives and Communicators [] yet - you should join!
Pandemic preparedness orgs now on EA Funds

Hey there! It seems the NTI link leads to only an image. Just wanted to let you know!

Does EA influence the way you celebrate Christmas?

Thanks for your answer ! I agree with not giving a gift to someone if they wouldn’t want it. I mentioned this in a reply to a comment above, but I think I was asking more about what’s a gift someone really interested into EA would like, which might include a fundraiser/donation to a charity they’re passionate about. But if they’re not interested in EA, or wouldn’t be interested in it, it would probably come across not so great. Thank you!

Does EA influence the way you celebrate Christmas?

Thanks for your answer! I agree, you have a good point. I think I was asking more about what’s a gift someone really interested into EA would like (e.g. I’d be pretty excited to get a nice EA book) but if they’re not interested in EA, if anyone would be conscious about what they give (e.g. if they’re vegan but don’t give a vegan gift). You have a really good point about the meaning of gifts, thank you!

Does EA influence the way you celebrate Christmas?

Thanks for your comment and suggestion, Aaron! I just changed the title!

Notes on "Managing to Change the World"

Thank you for sharing this, Peter! Great notes; I’ve been reading this and have found it quite helpful. I read it after my term as president of EA Blue (uni chapter in the PH) and have learned points of improvement of my leadership then, and how to improve my leadership moving forward. Your notes are detailed and structured, and are great to reference. Love the insights too! On a meta-note, I was wondering if you can share how you take book notes efficiently without significantly slowing down your reading time (or your process in general). Thank you!

5Peter Wildeford9mo
I read the book on the Kindle app on my phone. This made it easy to read it in small bits during downtime. I highlighted everything I thought was worth following up on. I then spent ~8hrs going through all the highlights and turning them into the document you see here. The process of making this document greatly helps me remember (and actually act on) the key points of the book. Obviously I won't do this for every book I read but I want to mainly read books that are so good I feel compelled to make notes out of them. You can see all the books I've read here. []
How EA Blue grew in our 2nd Year in the Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines - Our achievements & learnings

Hey Nathan, thanks for your comment! Currently, EA Blue doesn't have something where we require help, but if we do I'll definitely add it here or another member of EA Blue could make a post here on the forum! We'd just love any way we could stay in touch with the whole community!