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What are good sofware tools? What about general productivity/wellbeing tips?

AppBlock - if you're hooked on distracting mobile apps that affect your productivity, then you could block it conditionally using AppBlock. It helps you block apps for a specificied time period, location (e.g. workplace), usage limit (e.g. 30 min/day), or launch count (e.g. 20x/day). Additionally, it has Strict Mode wherein you cannot turn off blocking unless a condition is fulfilled (e.g. after 1 day).

What are good sofware tools? What about general productivity/wellbeing tips?

Habitica – this mobile app helps you manage your Habits, Dailies, To-dos, and Rewards while playing an RPG. Basically, you tick off tasks you've done and then you gain character Exp and Gold, while failed tasks and negative habits you've committed decrease character Hp and Gold. Gold is used to purchase item and equipment. Quest and party system are also available.

2Nathan Young1yI suggest you split this into two comments, that way they can be up/downvoted seperately. I've not used either though so I might check them out.
EA and tackling racism

Hi, interesting post. I’m new here so please excuse faults in my comment.

“Is EA really all about taking every question and twisting it back to malaria nets and AI risk?”

Based on this article

“There’s no point working on a problem if you can’t find any roles that are a good fit for you – you won’t be satisfied or have much impact.”

“If you’re already an expert in a problem, then it’s probably best to work within your area of expertise. It wouldn’t make sense for, say, an economist who’s crushing it

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4Aidan O'Gara1yThat's an interesting point. EA career advice often starts with a pressing global problem, thinks about what skills could help solve that problem, and then recommends that you personally go acquire those skills. What if we ask the question from the other direction: For any given skillset or background, how can EA nudge people towards more impactful careers? Racism causes a lot of suffering, and some of the best minds of this generation are working towards ending it. If EA helped those people find the most effective ways to advance racial justice, it would benefit the world and expose more people to EA ways of thinking. One way the EA movement could succeed over the next few decades is by becoming a source of information for a broad popular audience about how to be more impactful in the most popular causes.