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Who's hiring? (May-September 2022)
Answer by ld25Jun 17, 2022-2

Pandemic Prevention Network are looking for a Cofounder and Head of Market Research (summer internship)

Born during the peak of the COVID-19 crisis, Pandemic Prevention Network is a non-profit organisation mobilising citizens to play an important role in advocacy and to influence policy to protect humanity against the threat of future outbreaks. We are driven by our vision to create a world that is free of pandemics, for both current and future generations. Given the neglectedness of mitigating the risks from gain of function and dual use research, we take ... (read more)

£4bn for the global poor: the UK's 0.7%

Same here, how exactly can we help?

Effective donation for Moria / Lesbos

If I understand you correctly, I agree. I understand the reason for quoting GiveWell's framework, however, I think that it is potentially discouraging to someone who is trying to do the most good in a context that they care about. That's not to say that nobody should ever say 'maybe there are more neglected causes that you may not have thought about', but the EA community certainly shouldn't be giving the impression that we follow some strict ideology that no-one can challenge.

Effective donation for Moria / Lesbos

I'm not sure that I would group refugee camps on the Aegean Islands in with 'disaster relief' (although I understand that this post was specifically about the fire). 

I guess that taking this specific event out of the consideration, the two main causes of suffering here are 1. The actual wars/regimes that people are fleeing in their home countries and 2. The asylum system in Europe (and elsewhere, but I am more familiar with Europe). It doesn't really seem like donating money can help much with either of these (I'm happy to be corrected if wrong, and I... (read more)