Currently trying to figure out how to allocate $500,000 from the EA funds donor lottery. If you know something good that for some reason is looking for funding, let me know!

Also a Software Developer donating most of my income, looking for opportunities to help the community and to more efficiently have a positive impact.

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EA and the current funding situation

it's unreasonable to expect idea providers to also have to be the idea executors in the ideal impact marketplace

I could be wrong, but I think that most people think that the key bottleneck is "idea executors", not "idea providers". (E.g. I heard Charity Entrepreneurship has many intervention ideas, but even after extensive selection and training they are bottlenecked by finding enough founders).

So one shouldn't be surprised if they share a great idea but it doesn't get any traction, it seems to be the current state of things.

The biggest risk of free-spending EA is not optics or motivated cognition, but grift

It's likely that almost no one thinks about themselves as a grifter

I strongly agree with this, and think it's important to keep in mind

Almost everyone in EA is at least somewhat biased towards actions that will cause them to have more money and power (on account of being human)

I don't think this matches my (very limited) intuition.
I think that there is huge variance in how much different individuals in EA optimize for money/power/prestige. It seems to me that some people really want to "move up the career ladder" in EA orgs, and be the ones that have that precious "impact". While others really want to "do the most good", and would be genuinely happy to have others take decision-making roles if they thought it would lead to more good.

EA Creatives and Communicators Slack

Hi Matias! Did you send Jeroen_w a private message?

From the post:

How do you get in? Just send me a personal message here on the forum and introduce yourself. I won't be strict at all with accepting people. One sentence is enough. Please don't use the comment section for this as I see the comments less frequently than I see personal messages.

Where are the cool places to live where there is still *no* EA community? Bonus points if there is unlikely to be one in the future

I think ~99.9% of cities don't have in-person EA hangouts.
Maybe you can just find the best cities for you and only later filter out the few ones with an EA group?

You can also check https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/community for places to avoid

EA and the current funding situation

I'm really curious as to why this is being downvoted (was at -2 when I originally wrote this comment, now it's at 0 with 7 votes), I find SoGive Grants interesting and relevant to the discussion.

Especially since More funder diversity is a main point of Luke's comment.

EA and the current funding situation

At least one person earning to give (and not related to FTX) has a net worth of over a billion

Can't be Gary Wang, as he's related to FTX

Did Peter Thiel give "the keynote address at an EA conference"?

Yes the article is indeed full of strawmen and misleading statements.
But (not knowing anything about Torres) I felt the top comment was strongly violating the principle of charity when trying to understand the author's motivations.

I think the principle of charity is very important (especially when posting on a public forum), and saying that someone's true motivations are not the ones they claim should require extraordinary proof (which maybe is the case! I don't know anything about the history of this particular case).

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