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[Needs Funding] I invented a cheap, scalable tool for fighting obesity

Is this really super-scalable?

Yes. We could sell these things for <$50.

How many people would buy a dedicated gesture-detecting device?

More than 1/100 people. We have done market research.

Would it be better to write software for a device like a Fitbit or Apple Watch, which millions of people already own?

Surprisingly, the answer is no. The Apple Watch (last time we checked) didn't support this kind of software. But more importantly, most of our potential customers own no smartwatches or Fitbits at all. Also, the smartwrist ecosystem is fragment... (read more)

We're announcing a $100,000 blog prize

If I did [set up a separate substack / wordpress / whatever], I would probably wind up cross-posting to lesswrong anyway, and the end result would just be a split-up comment section and more hassle posting and editing, with no appreciable upside, it seems to me.

This is exactly why I post on Less Wrong and then link to it from my personal website instead of crossposting. I wrote a program that crawls Less Wrong and then generates links on my personal website.

I especially like how reliably the Less Wrong moderation team prevents spam in the comments. Spam was a chronic annoyance when I ran my own comments section.