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We are extending the application deadline for one week!
Please apply before May 26th to be considered for a spot at the conference, we still have some spots left :)

I appreciate you writing this up. It's valuable input into the ongoing discussion. 

To add some more context may I ask in what country this "boardgame club" was? (Taking into account the effect of different norms in different countries/cultures is somewhat important piece of information for me personally.)

Also if it does not de-anonymise it - was it mostly an university / youth group or not?

We've opened the applications. If it's convenient for you, please apply as soon as possible, as it will allow us to better gauge the interest and determine logistics needs :)

I've felt quite saddened and distressed by this post. I deeply agree that it is right and beneficial to be more careful, restrained and generally err on the side of caution in romancing/dating, when there are work or power imbalance considerations.

But at the same time (in section "What I mean by sleeping around"), this post presents views that are in line with contemporary mainstream norms of sex-negativity and soft poliphobia . To quote the post itself:

We obviously don’t want to simply unquestionably accept all of society’s norms [footnote: Historic stigmatisation of LGBT people and relationships is one example of why not]

And I think presenting romancing/sex as something negative or potentially negative, unless it happens in a monogamous and serious relationship (or in setting intentioned for leading to one) is unfortunately similar way of stigmatisation.