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Three charitable recommendations for COVID-19 in India

Hello! Unfortunately I don't think they have a list for all the countries where they're tax exempt, but if you have a specific country in mind, I can try and check for you!

Three charitable recommendations for COVID-19 in India

More information on 3: 

3. Are most concentrators/cylinders being sourced by GiveIndia or Milaap being sourced internationally or domestically?

Both the Milaap fundraisers source internationally only (China, Israel, Russia, Europe), I'm less sure about GiveIndia but very very likely that it's only international. They might get a domestic concentrator if a citizen gives them an unused concentrator they have, but no domestic purchases.

- How does this interact with the seemingly constrained transport of oxygen (as opposed to concentrators) given the specia... (read more)

Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly - I am trying to target a substantial amount of funds at this issue, but have historically targeted interventions in SSA so our network in India is weak. I've been looking at Milaap and Swasth and having conversations about the extent to which supplies are able to be targeted to locations less likely to be recipients of other concentrator fundraisers and which will see the peak of the pandemic hit shortly. Samhita and were also recommended by a few public health professionals we respect - that said this information has been hugely helpful. I have also spoken with Samhita which seems to have a very solid plan to increase concentrator supply - and potentially increase production capacity. Thank you so much for your help in this regard - will contribute what I find out to the discussion.
Three charitable recommendations for COVID-19 in India

Really interesting point! I think the first thing I have to agree on is doing both is ideal,  but if you need to pick, people should think about their comparative advantage. If you work with or know people at medical gas companies who could be convinced by your lobbying efforts, your time and resources are probably really effective when it comes to convincing them to supply here. The largest difficulty is certainly sourcing medical oxygen for hospital usage, and this is going to be really effective if it works out. If you have the ability to donate an... (read more)

Three charitable recommendations for COVID-19 in India

These are really excellent questions, and I want to take a day or so to do some research and speak to people in pulmonary crit care about (1) to respond. In the meantime, I want to point out and other content on open critical care for more information about how concentrators and a specific amount of O2 supply affects patients. Based on people on the GiveIndia fundraisers' board,  concentrators can make a fairly large difference in preventing moderate cases for worsening. 

For question (... (read more)