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Executive Director @ High Impact Medicine
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Executive Director of High Impact Medicine. 
Physician with 6 years of work experience in medicine, fundraising, start-ups and non-profit organisations, striving to make this world a better place 🌍 
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Thank you for writing this update post - I wish you and your team the best! 

I just realised a caveat: of course, you will also meet really cool people in non-impact-focused organisations / for-profits and can really enjoy working in these teams, which could lead to value drift over time (the people you spend the most time with will influence you). 

Thank you for taking the time to write this post! I started working for High Impact Medicine when I already had experience working for a for-profit start-up, three hospitals and a very large non-profit (MSF) and I can say for sure that I've learnt a lot and that it has helped me build my character :)

This being said, I agree with the other parts of your previous comment, e.g. on 'direct work' and 'working at EA orgs'; and that "people greatly differ in how much of a sacrifice specific things are to them, and how comfortable they are with different levels of sacrifice." Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Michelle!

I'm not convinced by the idea of doing something harmful "on purpose" and then compensating for it to be able to continue the harmful behaviour without feeling guilty. Additionally, as people who have been in the EA community for a long time, I think there is a chance that we will be seen as representatives of the movement, and this gives us an additional responsibility because others might take our actions as an example and behave in a similar way (e.g. in this case, "ah! it's ok to eat meat if I donate £25-100 a year to ACE). 
If I imagined that it was me, and someone was doing something harmful to me during the year and helping me to compensate for the harm so that they wouldn't feel too bad about harming me again next year - I would find that disturbing. 

Thank you for this thoughtful article!

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