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I really see myself in many aspects mentioned in this article. And as mentioned in the conclusion of this article, it´s all about seeing other ways of livings and try to help the people in need, always respecting our well being in a way that our mentally atmosphere is "cheerfull", because in the end, we will help more if we feel good about ourselves and about and the (altruistic) footprint we leave in this world.

The Drowning Child and the Expanding Circle

I loved the article. It focuses on several aspects that I think are very important in modern times and it gives us thought.
Although, I think it is more urgent to make the world population more aware of the most precarious and disadvantaged realities. This, perhaps, is the first step for more people to live a more ethical life and be more supportive. Leaving your comfort zone, traveling, getting to know other cultures, other ways of life, refusing tourist attractions for the protection of animal life, exchanging the couch for a trip to the elderly home clos... (read more)