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Hi, thanks so much for reaching out! 

The updated timeframe is that we'll meet for the first time this Sunday (May 28) and meet for the following seven Sundays from 3-4pm ET. If you think that time might work for some of the group then feel free to share the interest form with them and I will reach out! I would also consider doing another session at a different time if there's considerable interest. Hope this helps, thanks again! 

Hey Isabel, thanks so much for all of this! I'd definitely love to chat, I'll send a private message. 

Hi Constance!

Thanks for your comment - for all who are interested, I did reach out to Scott and he provided me with an in-depth explanation of some of the context behind Kathy's accusations and suicide. His explanation provided me with a deeper understanding of the situation and helped me realize that action was taken to check the validity of some of Kathy claims and that there was a more involved and nuanced response to the situation than I realized initially. 

Hi Scott,

Thank you for both of your comments. I appreciate you explaining why you wrote a post about Kathy and I think it's useful context for people to understand as they are thinking about these issues. My intention was not to call anybody out, rather, to point to a pattern of behavior that I observed and describe how it made me (and could make others) feel.  

These are both very important questions - for (1), I think it depends on the circumstance in all honesty. For example, the same way that volunteers are often trained before EAGs and EAGxs, I could see participants receiving something (as part of the behavior guidelines) outlining scenarios and describing why they were an example of inappropriate or appropriate behavior. However, I think it would be extremely difficult to "train" all members of the EA community as people are involved in many different capacities.  For (2), I think that, despite all situations involving interpersonal harm and conflict being unique and complex, it could be useful to have more transparency in some areas. I don't mean naming specific individuals and discussing all the details of each case, I more mean something like (X action is unaccpetable and will result in Y consequence if found to be true). Another note - my suggestions were aimed towards EA community members because I truly believe that, often, people simply do not understand how their actions/words make others feel. I hope that by raising awareness of this people will be motivated to change themselves without necessitating external conflict (although I understand that's not always the case).

Hi Kathryn,

I'm not yet involved in Magnify Mentoring but would love to be and would love to chat! I'll message you privately.

Hi! I'm interested in generally learning more about the overlap between EA and bioethics. I would also be grateful for any resources (articles, videos, etc.) that I could send to member of my university's EA group who are interested in issues related to bioethics.