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Hi Joel, 

Thank you for your response. I definitely agree about the need and usefulness of more high-quality research in the field of well-being, including wellbeing priorities and cost-effectiveness analyses. Has HLI considered taking actions to promote such research, beyond conducting research on your own?

On a related note, I recently came across the Global Flourishing Study (GFS), a $43.4 million initiative which can be found here: While I haven't delved into the details of this study, its existence underscores the growing interest in well-being research. Influencing the direction and quality of such research could be incredibly impactful.

I'd like to comment not on Kalulu's criticism itself, but mention a specific solution he proposed here -

My intended solution is: an integrated agro-processing plant that shall both reverse poverty and create jobs in our region, by minimizing post-harvest food loses, creating new market linkages for rural poor farmers, and linking these farmers’ produce with agri-value chains — like bakeries & confectioneries; bottling companies and breweries, etc.

I think Kalulu's proposal can be described more broadly as improving market access for farmers. Here are some other sources mentioning similar strategies:

Government officials convinced the Coca-Cola Company and TechnoServe executives to build a plant near the orchards. “The company now has a fresher fruit source and a profit center, and growers are able to sell most of what they grow at higher prices in a guaranteed market,”

In a bid to improve the access to markets, we support the development of proven post-harvest management technologies, business models and linkages to farmers, traders, and processors.

Do you know  if interventions focusing on improving market access for farmers were considered and evaluated by any of the EA organizations?