Why do so few EAs and Rationalists have children?

I don't think we yet are collectively wise enough to engage in memetic and/or tech projects that undermine evolutionary equilibria, fwiw.

Consciousness research as a cause? [asking for advice]

QRI = the Qualia Research Institute

New Top EA Causes for 2021?

"All 3,400 hours of Rationality: From AI to Zombies

Speedcore EDM R:A2Z will be the background soundtrack at the Schelling Point Temple of EA Burning Man. 

24/7 baby.

New Top EA Causes for 2021?

Big +1 

An 80k podcast dubstep house party actually sounds like a good time.... BURNING MAN OF THE NERDS!!!!

Robbie Wib-wib-wib-wibibiblin in da HAUS!!!!!!!!

New Cause Area: Programmatic Mettā

Consider Puritanism. Pursed. The Purge...

New Cause Area: Programmatic Mettā

Feedback from where?

Saying "80k tracks the # of calls and # of career plan changes, but doesn't track the long-run impacts of their advisees" is different from saying "80k focus[es] mainly on # of calls"

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