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The world is ready for a charity app! (New idea inside, please critique and comment)

I really like the World Food Programme app "Share the Meal'. It's simple & intuitive and yes, it does give a little thrill when donating. Most importantly it's really helpful to show my seven year old about giving. Every time she tries a new food, we get on the app and donate a week's worth of meals to the WFP (a much better incentive than giving her the cash and it's only $3.50 to do that - I suspect 3.50 would mean a lot less to my daughter and the effect would wear off pretty quickly). Now I'm linking other good behaviors to the app rewards, so it's quite a useful parenting tool. There's a little story about a child in need at the end - the only thing is my daughter thinks she's donating to that particular little child, even though I've explained about the representative picture to her. But she also gets to learn about countries like Malawi and Jordan, so it's all good.

Concerns with Intentional Insights

An update from The Life You Can Save: we saw and approved this particular video for publication. We did not check with other non-profits as we assumed that was not our responsibility.

Hope that helps.

Concerns with Intentional Insights

Thanks for this. I volunteer for The Life You Can Save and I am checking in on this for the organization. I will get back to you shortly.