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Inflection Point

Hi Hazelfire,

Thanks for pointing them out, we’ll definitely have a chat with them!

It looks to me like they’re mostly focused on volunteering opportunities at pre-existing projects, whereas our main focus is going to be in helping people start / join something new - not necessarily volunteering. Our aim is to break down the barriers that would keep people from going into value-aligned jobs / full-time roles, where CoLabs appears to be mostly matching helping hands to projects that need help.

Will the EU regulations on AI matter to the rest of the world?

For what it's worth, I'm optimistic about the EU AI regulation! I think, at least insofar as it is a smoke test, it marks a beginning in much-needed regulation on AI. I am also optimistic about transferability – perhaps not in exact wording or policy, but I like the risk-based approach. I think it gives companies the ability to replace the most risky AIs while keeping the less risky ones, and I think if it is shown to be feasible in the EU, it will likely be adopted elsewhere – if only because companies will already have found replacement solutions for una... (read more)

Thanks Neil - I share your concerns. However, to your point on vagueness: most policymakers also think it is more vague than usual. The Commission intends to clarify a lot during the trilogue based on input from the Parliament and the Council. They have also mandated standard-setting organisations ETSI and CEN-CENELEC to develop harmonized standards for operationalizing some of the governance concepts very concretely (E.g. defining techno-operationally what "robustness" is or what constitutes sufficient "human oversight"). They did not want to overspecify the regulations because they want a lot of expert input before enshrining them into law. So in my opinion it is a good thing that they have left it vague, rather than off-the-mark.