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Do you know of any resources discussing the pros and cons of the introduction of new government agencies?

An idea worth discussing, regardless.

I saw the idea in passing and it caught my eye. I'll look out for this kind of information over the next week.
This book is a core text on this subject, which explicitly considers when specific agencies are effective and motivated to pursue particular goals: [] I'm also reminded of Nate Silver's interviews with the US hurricane forecasting agency in The Signal and the Noise.
Paper Ballots in the 2020 US Election

Anecdotally, in descending order of efficacy: Phone call to representative from their voter > email to representative from their voter > petition.

Semi-regular Open Thread #35

In Bostromian AI Safety people often talk about human-level intelligence, defined roughly as more efficient mental performance than humans on all tasks humans care about. Has anyone ever tried to sketch out some subsets of human abilities that would still be sufficient to make a software system highly disruptive? This could develop into a stronger and more specific claim than Bostrom's. For example, perhaps a system with 'just' a superhuman ability to observe and model economics, or to find new optimization algorithms (etc) could be almost as concerning to a more vaguely defined 'human-level intelligence' AGI.

Semi-regular Open Thread #35

I also think there is some demand for less-formal discussion here (such as in Open Threads, like you say) because of the current somewhat-low population at

I agree that a subreddit could fill this niche, however i am not aware of any currently existing subreddit for this.

2016 AI Risk Literature Review and Charity Comparison

Curiously, the only typo i see is in the line about typos at the end.