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That's definitely unexpected, I wonder if maybe when people are questioned about it, they say they're worried about it...but that generally it's not on their mind as a big worry. I could be wrong though.

Thanks for linking these posts, it's useful to see a different perspective to the one I feel gets exposed the most.

Thank you for sharing this! Really great post - answers lots of the questions that I had, thank you.

I hadn't thought of the fact that people may think they have no power so just kind of...don't think about it. I suppose more work needs to be done to show that people can work on it.

These are interesting findings!  Be interesting to see if these kind of results are similar elsewhere. 

This is a really great point and makes sense as to why it's a lot less spoken about than other risks.

Thanks for this comment, it's exactly the type of thing I was looking for. The person who comes to mind for me would be Louis Theroux...although he mainly makes documentaries more on people than on 'things' nonetheless some of his documentaries grapple with issues around ethics or morality. Think it might be a bit of stretch to imagine this actually happening though, but he does meet the criteria I would say.

These are useful points, thank you!

This is a really useful (and kind of scary) perspective. Thanks for sharing.

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