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It should work now. I had forgotten to make it available. Thanks for joining!

The official event website for EAGxLatinAmerica 2023 where it is possible to obtain more info and to apply: https://www.eaglobal.org/events/eagx-latam/ .

Hi Sam. Thanks for the feedback, and sorry for the event wasn't put together earlier.

I've included more information:

  • previous unconference events we've organized alongside NeurIPS in 2018 and 2019
  • testimonials of attendees
  • organizer relations

It may be additionally possible to suggest featuring a book / putting it in public display for discovery.

In my case (libraries in Québec) I was initially surprised at how libraries were receptive (likely to purchase) to book suggestions.

A Wikipedia page was created about him.

Collection of eulogies for Peter, found on Twitter: (non-exhaustive, last updated Sep 5)

I first met Peter at an event I organized in 2018 on AI safety. I found him to be a direct, fresh, and generous human. Last time we discussed was at EAG in late July. After syncing up our respective histories, we shared on active/potential projects - doing so I felt cherished by his enthusiasm and great feedback. He surprised me by holding the full conversation in French. I wish for his recent project, the AI Objectives Institute, to live on and be positively transformative.

In https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/s/B79ro5zkhndbBKRRX/p/ZhNaizQgYY9dXdQkM the whitespace following headers under "What are some examples of effective altruism in practice?" seem out of place. Suggestion: remove the whitespace or have them are proper headers.

Should there be a category for Organizations in the periphery of EA?

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