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How and why to turn everything into audio

I use immersive reading all the time. I find that it substantially increases reading speed and comprehension. Here are some tools I find helpful:

  • In the past, I used Instapaper and Pocket to aggregate articles and use their text-to-speech software (I think Instapaper's text-to-speech is better). But about a year ago I switched to the Matter app (iOS only, I think it is a very well-thought-out app and has a good text-to-speech mode.
  • If you buy an old version of Kindle – that is Kindle 3 you will get a very solid text-to-speech software that works with any book. Amazon discontinued this feature (perhaps to boost Audible sales?). I used it a lot and works well.
  • Dotsam already linked how to enable text-to-speech on iOS I use it even more on Mac. You use it by selecting a text and hitting "option + esc"
Announcing the New York Effective Altruism Hub: a coworking and event space (+AIS/longtermism office scoping)

Are there any such coworking / event spaces in SF Bay or any other city? I love this initiative. It makes me more inclined to move to NYC

What are effective ways to help Ukrainians right now?

Marta, did you publish your research anywhere?

COVID-19 brief for friends and family

„Think about the population density of places you go to regularly. Ask yourself: “How many people have been here in the last week?”. Avoid places where that number is large, and, take extra precautions.”

What do you consider a small/moderate/large numbers here? i.e. I go to a small exercises studio with ~200 weekly visitors. When this type of place starts being a high risk place.