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Posting More Better: Social Media Rules of Thumb

I like some of this, particularly the Learn Your Own Style section, but I think the Worked Examples could have an issue. 

In particular, I worry some of the 'bad' examples might stifle good debate? In the same style:

"X thinks that sometimes there really is groupthink in EA or that some AI safety professionals are making a specific error that others might copy. They consider posting about it on social media. Being responsible, they check a good EA Forum guide on posting first but it makes them  worry that actually they're just wrong about their criticism and they shouldn't be publicly critical for fear of mischaracterising EA.  They don't post anything. Over time, EA online really does become (at least a bit) more groupthink-y ." 

I can imagine this would more likely affect people with less of an established EA presence or less practice with social media. I think that folks have already talked on the Forum about how sometimes EAs follow the idea of "senior people" too much without thinking through stuff themselves so this could add to that problem. [Please do add evidence for or against this second claim if appropriate – I think I've read articles/comments about this, but I might be misremembering.]