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Quantifying the probability of existential catastrophe: A reply to Beard et al.

If you're interested in reading Seth Baum's reply to Beard et al., GCRI now has a preprint version available here.

2MichaelA1yGreat, thanks for sharing that link! I've now edited this post to link to the preprint rather than the paywalled version, and to mention the blog post. (I'd already read the paywalled version myself.)
GCRI Call for Advisees and Collaborators

Thanks to everyone for the great response so far! I'll actually be away until July 8, so if you are interested in our call for advisees and collaborators, please contact Dr. Seth Baum, seth [at] until then.

GCRI Call for Advisees and Collaborators

Thanks for your interest!

We really want to encourage talented people to get involved with and make careers working on GCR issues. We believe it's an important part of our work to help build the GCR community. It's also a way for us to get to know people interested in connecting with the community.