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I'm new here. I'm not sure if I posted correctly earlier, please help me know how to put my posts in view of members. the following is a pasted copy of my post. Btw, I'm not selling anything, not looking for investors, simply looking to see if anyone cares to help me open source an answer to Covid 19.

If Facebook can unite people against a common cause I'm hoping for shock and awe with the response from members of an organization like this. I'm new here, I know I have no credentials, no reputation, no previous posts to review (as they were deleted accidentally by moderators). If you can, for but a moment, disregard any skepticism and hear me out. I have been on a search for a man portable air sterilization unit capable for destroying everything but spores and prions. I'm working with a lead member of an infectious disease emergency response unit on a design as nothing man portable exists to date. I'm tired of the nonresponse from all the day drinking engineers during these crazy times.....I'm ready to open source the concept. I'm ready to simply call on folks such as your selves and see what we can do together. I no longer care about even protecting the idea. I've spent months trying to sift through all the conflicting information regarding patents, verification processes, Covid rapid response grants...... I'm over it. I don't care about profits, I don't care about recognition (although it would be pretty cool to make this organization a household name should we pull this off), I care about my friends, my family, my community.... I care about the look in the eyes of the first responder I'm working with when he talks about the limitations of his gear walking into a village in Africa to try and stave off an Ebola outbreak, the true concern he has when expressing his fears pleading that we all stay home in quarantine due to something as simple as Covid 19, I care that if there is anything that I could do to eliminate the possibility of another Spanish flue.... that I did what I could. Many companies are working on this issue. They are failing in one way or another. Either the units are too large, too expensive, to destructive to the air and recipients, to unreliable due to complexity, or too vaporware to ever be practical. I've researched everything from UV light, microwave tech, right down to supersaturation filtration of pneumatic systems. I had lots of motivation. I had a family. I lost them to Covid (I don't care to go into details). Now I have something to volley back at this issue. I'm happy to provide research in detail but, simply put, heat is the answer. Most folks are trying to heat and then cool breathing air. I'll spare details but its impractical save one method using literally ancient tech. I need engineers that are proficient in manufacturing novel designs of screw pumps or in a pinch we can use scroll pumps. My hopes are to create something the size of a Pringles can that is plug and play with current 3m ppe products all agencies are currently provided with. I wish to hear if there is any enthusiasm from this community before I lay out the very simple concept my design uses. I'll actually be dissapointed if no one figures it out simply based on what I said I'd need and the fact it utilizes some of the oldest human tech known. If there is sufficent enthusiasm I would appreciate any input as to the appropriate way to proceed in which we can protect the concept from those who would bury it, manage to open source the idea so as to expedite the chance for its optimization via world input and accessibility, and even make known the association of this organization with it's manifestation from vaporware into something universally shelved. My design does not change the composition of the air it sterilizes, it does not require very much power and could utilize a few small batteries if not be turned by hand worst case, it is versital with its modular design and can be scaled up to commercial capacity with ease. I know this all sounds too good to be true. But, if there is interest from this community in open sourcing the concept, I swear it will take less than a few sentences to convince you its real and why my partner says it is the holy grail they have always wished for in the world of infectious disease response units. This is one of those times you are going to feel stupid for not having thought of it first. Please respond and help me gauge if this is the appropriate platform for this endeavour.
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