Rona Tobolsky

Community Manager @ Effective Altruism Israel
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A community manager of EA Israel (a national group) by day, an avid researcher and policy enthusiast by night, trying to explore where she could help most - to as many suffering beings as possible, existent and yet-to-be-existent. 

Interested in ethics, bioinformatics, bioethics, reducing GCBRs, bio-monitoring, diagnostics, healthcare systems, metabolic stress, cycling, Buddhism, philosophy of science, longevity, community-based-participatory-research, fine arts, cinema, tardigrades, singing, and self-care, among other topics!

As a community manager, I manage about 20 volunteers and am responsible for courses and content in general. I also co-manage the tech-entrepreneurship community, write documents, lecture, organize large events, do career & donation advising, and help individuals find impactful projects! 

I am quite friendly and am always keen on helping others - please don't hesitate to reach out if you think I might be of help! Also, if you are about to visit Israel - do let me know!

If you have any feedback, collaboration ideas, or suggestions for EA Israel - do let me know #2! 

Feel free to message me here, contact me by email, or submit feedback at this link.

How others can help me

Brainstorm creative community-building (CB) efforts, provide feedback (it's essential!), help with career-capital-building advice and opportunities, share CB-related resources, help with debugging my work, collaborate on projects, help me build my website, and be friendly!

Also, let's think together about how we could help more people start working as passionately as possible on EA-related projects!

How I can help others

  1. Advice regarding community management, working with many volunteers, developing EA content, seeding and supporting EA projects in you, organizing events and career workshops, etc. 
  2. Networking with Israeli individuals and/or companies 
  3. Misc. - you may know better!


Thank you so much for your time, dedication, and efforts.
It seems like, for many of us, difficult times lay ahead. Let us not forget the power of our community - a community of brilliant, kind-hearted, caring people trying to do good better together
This is a crisis - but we have the ability to overcome it.

Here's an excellent resource for different ways of pitching EA (and sub-parts of EA). Disclaimer - I do not know who is the owner of this remarkable document. I hope sharing it here is acceptable! As far as I know, this is a public document. 

My contingently-favorite option:

Effective Altruism is a global movement that spreads practical tools and advice about prioritizing social action to help others the most. We aim that when individuals are about to invest time or money in helping others, they will examine their options and choose the one with the highest impact - whether they are looking to help through donations, career decisions, social entrepreneurship, and so on.

The movement mainly promotes these tools through fellowships, courses, lectures, one-on-one consultations, and discussion groups. It is also a thriving community where we research how we can help others the most, and then do it!

Thanks for sharing, and doing so in the most friendly manner, Madhav!
GREAT advice, relevant for everyone who enters a running organization.